Friday, October 12, 2007

Because I obviously don't have enough to do...

Earlier this year I decided to join the local alumnae group for the sorority I was part of in college. Sometime after the first meeting I was contacted by the president and asked if I would be their delegate to the local alumnae panhellenic council. Sure, sounds like fun -- get to meet other women, stay involved in the greek organization, etc, etc. Wednesday night was the first meeting and it went well. I'm quite happy with my position.

However, at the beginning of the meeting, they went over recruitment numbers for each chapter at each of the local colleges. I looked at the numbers for my old collegiate chapter and was shocked --- they weren't good. I was never the crazed sorority girl that ate, lived and breathed greek life, but the sorority was something I really enjoyed being apart of and was where I met my 2 best friends. Hard to put a price-tag on something like that. After speaking with several panhellenic reps from the school, I realized that the house could really use some help. Yesterday I fired off an email to the alumnae president asking how I can get involved.

After several emails back and forth, I'm now in contact with the main alumnae advisor for my old collegiate chapter and am on my way to becoming a chapter advisor in some capacity or other. Sure, I have a lot of other things going on in my life, but the idea being able to help the house and work with the current collegiate members one-on-one is pretty exciting to me. I know I could have sat back and just said "eh, not my problem", but if everyone did that, well, nothing would get done. And I would hate to see the chapter I loved so much in college eventually have to shut down because no one bothered to step in and help when it was needed. I'm nervous, but also excited to see how the next few weeks progress with this and can't wait to start lending my assistance.