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Thursday, April 23, 2009

For a guaranteed celebrity sighting in Los Angeles

head to a Lakers game. Sit in the 100s or 200s section and bring your binoculars. It's really that simple.

Since we've been splitting season tickets, we have seen a multitude of celebrities from various areas of entertainment. Will Ferrell, David Beckham, Nick Lachey, Andy Garcia, Gwen Stefani, Kayne West, The Game, Toby Maguire, and the list goes on and on. And Jack Nickelson is a fixture at games as much as Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson or the crazy guy from Westside Rentals who annoys everyone with his ridiculous timeout dancing.

Living in LA for over 10 years and seeing celebrities both at games and out and about is fun and kind of exciting, but not something that necessarily casuses me to swoon. Tuesday night, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

Case in Point #1:

Jim and I typically get to the games early and eat dinner at the bar tables situated next to the VIP entrance. It's like dinner and a show! We participate in heavy people-watching and play a game known as "Daughter or Date" - basically, is that hot young chick with that old dude his daughter or his date. Sadly, in LA, it's often times a date. :/

Anywho, we're enjoying dinner when Jim says "Oh, I got a good one coming up." All I can see is an older, bald guy with glasses and the back of a girl's head.

Me: Hmmmm, I really hope she is with a business associate, but her attire sure isn't work appropriate.
Jim: Yeah, I'm saying date.
[They walk forward and she finally turns around]
Me: Wow, she is beautiful.
[They continue towards us, grabbing the programs from the guys right below us]
Jim: Yeah, she is really pretty.
[The girl smiles from ear to ear]
Jim: Wait a minute, I think that's...

I don't think I've stated here before, but I have a HUGE girl crush on Michelle Kwan. HUGE. I almost fell off my chair from excitement and then started kicking myself that I was sans camera. Because literally, we were maybe 15 feet away from her. We also realized that television does not do her justice. While I've always thought she was pretty, she is really stunning in person. And her outfit? FIERCE. Black silk romper, gold 4" heels, high sleek ponytail and dark smoky makeup. Oh, and to set the record straight, it was obviously a business associate that was accompanying her to the event. Phew!

I really wanted to go down and ask to be her bff for the night, but Jim thought they might kick me out for being a stalker. What a party pooper!

Case in Point #2:

Late in the 4th quarter, during a timeout break, they do "Kiss Me" for entertainment. This consists of putting two people on the Jumbotron and expecting them to kiss. It elicits a lot of aaaahs and laughs from the crowd and eats up a large TV timeout. Everything was pretty normal until they got to the last two couples. First up, Dustin Hoffman. Aaaah, so cute when he attacked his wife with his lips. ;) And then they panned to the last couple. My first thought is "Wait a minute, that looks like Jessica Biel."

You know where this is going, right?

Oh yeah, JUSTIN EFFING TIMBERLAKE was sitting courtside directly below our section. OMG! He was a total ham and the crowd lapped it up. Do you think I could watch the rest of the game in peace. Um, no. I kept cutting my eyes to him every few seconds and watching his interactions with Jessica (which were quite sweet, really).

For me, these are easily two of the best celebrity sightings I've had at the game. Okay, Kayne is a close third, but still.

So, the moral of the story? If you have out of town guests or if you're ever visiting LA for the first time and want to ensure a celebrity sighting, get thyself to a Lakers game stat!