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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New to the world of blogging....

Well, I've finally made the plunge and started a blog. I won't claim to be especially witty or funny or even all that great of a writer, but now that reading my friend's blogs has become such a habit for me, I figured "Hey, why not start my own?" What can I say, I just don't feel that bad about adding to the cyberspace clutter.

I guess besides being a total bandwagoner (is that even a word?), I thought it would be nice to keep a written record of the things I do -- most of it is quite mundane, but occasionally I actually do some pretty cool/fun stuff. At least I think so. And one day it might even be fun to show my kids that back in the day, their parents were fun folks.... well, that is if my husband and I can ever get over our fear of having them and decide we are ready for them. Ah, but that is for another entry at a later date.

What you are probably wondering now is "What is up with the title? I see no pink mentioned here." The short answer is I like pink. A lot. Like, really a lot. I draw the line at using pink in home decor (although hubby knows that if we ever have a little girl, all bets are off!) or as my hair color. Other than that, you name it, and I'd probably like it in pink. I am certain this will become more and more obvious as this blog progresses.... Stay tuned!


  1. What not hair? I used to have pink hair, and it's not even my fave color. Hee.

  2. And by "what," I actually mean "why." Yay.