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Monday, September 24, 2007

Computer update and weekend review

No, I have not forgotten to post pics and stories from our vacation. Yes, I am still without consistent internet at home (I get to jump on the hubby's work laptop from time to time, but it's not with any regularity). However, we did place an order for a new computer for me this weekend. Yay!! And here she is:

I. cannot. wait. But sadly, I have to. She isn't due to be shipped until October :( Oh well. At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel....

I had a long weekend (no work on Friday - wheeee!), but it still felt far too short.


  • Woke up early and lounged on the couch catching up on TV. Caught a little of The View --- having Whoopi Goldberg as the new lead host is a HUGE improvement over Rosie O'Donnell. The show is much more fun now and I'm actually looking forward to watching it again on my next day off.
  • Haircut in the late morning. My hairdresser is on maternity leave starting next week, which means she won't be back until sometime in January. I'm happy for her, but selfishly, totally bummed that I have to use someone else for the next few months.
  • Shopping for new fall clothes! Scored a couple cute pairs of pants at BR, a skirt at Ann Taylor, some assorted sweaters and a couple pairs of boots. Bring on the chilly weather!
  • Hubby was exhausted from a long week so pizza delivery, a bottle of wine and Blades of Glory capped off our night (I thought the movie was funny. Jim thought it was hilarious)


  • Had breakfast at home and watched college football with the hubs while straightening the apartment.
  • Lounged around until 3pm when we packed up the cooler and headed to the UCLA game.
  • No rain at the game (thank god!) Seated next to some hilarious fans and had just a great time. Bruins 44 - Huskies 31!


  • Hubs left early for the office -- booo!
  • Made a couple of wedding cards for a co-worker. Would post a pic, but see computer problem above. :(
  • Supposed to have a volunteer meeting for alumni that wanted to help with sorority rush at my alma mater. Um, it was canceled... but no one bothered to email this little fact out to everyone. Bitter, party of one.
  • Farewell dinner at Wokano for Mrs. Madisen. We'll miss you m'dear!

And now it's Monday again. Only 5 more days til the weekend....


  1. Ah, the silver lining to the computer dying! I guess it's more of a PINK lining. ;)

  2. I love your pink laptop. I want one just like it!!!!

  3. The next time you guys go to a UCLA game, let me know. We always go (and usually try to tailgate too), so maybe we can hang out for a bit beforehand, have some Jello shots or Patron shots (I've got some hook-ups) and kick back :)

  4. I am soooo jealous of your pretty computer purchase - I'm totally gonna show hubs this and maybe I'll get one for Christmas [fingers crossed]

    sounds like you had a good weekend =)

  5. I love the computer! So cute! And I'm having internet problems at home too. Sucks balls, doesn't it??

  6. You know as your long lost pink loving sister I'm incredibly envious of that new computer you ordered! Sounds like a super busy and fun weekend! Shopping always makes a weekend better :) And time with the hubby too :)

  7. i so, so love your pink laptop. i wish apple made fun colors like that!

  8. OOOOooo so jealous... Pink laptop is SUPER COOL