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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

lulu who?

When it comes to working out, a lot of folks I know just wear any old thing. That ratty t-shirt from a college formal and shorts that have been around since before the dawn of time? Sure, that'll work just fine. I, however, do not fall into this category. At all. I like to look cute when I workout. Not "full face of makeup and perfectly coifed hair" cute, but I like wearing form-fitting workout clothes that match. Maybe this is due to years of dance classes and having to wear things that fit so the lines of the body could still be seen. Maybe its because I'm a total clothes horse and this is a good excuse to buy more fun clothes. I don't know. More than likely its some combination of the two. But either way, I am always on the hunt for new places to buy athletic clothes.

For the past couple of weeks my favorite instructor at my gym has been wearing the cutest outfits to class and in turn raving about this athletic store lululemon in Beverly Hills. After eyeing her new stuff for several weeks and having the store mentioned to me by a couple of friends, I thought it was finally time to check it out.

O. M. G. Its like the mecca of workout gear! Tons of cute pants and tops in a variety of colors and fits. The colors are seasonal so every few months, they are changed out for a new set. And best of all, the clothes come in actual sizes! No more of this S, M, L junk. Tops and bottoms are sized from 2-12, pants come in regular and tall lengths and alterations are complimentary making it easier to get a custom fit.

I was overwhelmed at the all the possibilities, but tried to control myself. "Try" being the key word here. I brought a small mountain of clothes into the dressing room and was off and running. The fabric was nice and substantial, but not too heavy. The designs were cute and definitely made to fit a woman's body. While I could have walked out of there with bags full of stuff, I limited myself to 5 items:

  1. Cresent Pant - light pink top, black bottom
  2. Groove Pant - all black (I was in desperate need of a new pair of just plain black pants)
  3. Gather Tank - in light blue
  4. Origami Tank- in aqua
  5. Spark Tank - in basic black

The pants are being hemmed and I can pick them up this weekend. I am still silly excited about my new cute workout clothes and can't wait to test them out at the gym next week.

New to the world of blogging....

Well, I've finally made the plunge and started a blog. I won't claim to be especially witty or funny or even all that great of a writer, but now that reading my friend's blogs has become such a habit for me, I figured "Hey, why not start my own?" What can I say, I just don't feel that bad about adding to the cyberspace clutter.

I guess besides being a total bandwagoner (is that even a word?), I thought it would be nice to keep a written record of the things I do -- most of it is quite mundane, but occasionally I actually do some pretty cool/fun stuff. At least I think so. And one day it might even be fun to show my kids that back in the day, their parents were fun folks.... well, that is if my husband and I can ever get over our fear of having them and decide we are ready for them. Ah, but that is for another entry at a later date.

What you are probably wondering now is "What is up with the title? I see no pink mentioned here." The short answer is I like pink. A lot. Like, really a lot. I draw the line at using pink in home decor (although hubby knows that if we ever have a little girl, all bets are off!) or as my hair color. Other than that, you name it, and I'd probably like it in pink. I am certain this will become more and more obvious as this blog progresses.... Stay tuned!