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Monday, June 30, 2008

Odds and ends

I'm sure you will all be shocked to hear that we're still dealing with house stuff. :P Lots of packing and cleaning have been going on in the apartment. We also went in this morning to sign the loan papers, which is one step closer to closing. We're still on target to close on the 8th and at this point it can't come soon enough! We're ready to move already!!

I'm too mentally exhausted to write paragraphs that flow into one another, so I'll do the rest of this bullet-point style:

* Pictures of the new place are coming... just not for awhile. The listing with pictures is still easily found online and while it sounds crazy, I just don't want anyone in the internet world to put two and two together and figure out where we're living. If I know you IRL, I'll be sending you an email with pics soon. Promise!

* We spent HOURS looking at and measuring patio furniture this weekend. Frankly, I'm sick of it. However, I think we found something that will fit in the miniscule area around the pool, will be bright and summery enough to cheer up the current "concrete jungle" look of the backyard and won't put us into the poor house.

* As if looking at patio furntiure wasn't thrilling enough, we also starting looking at paint for the bedrooms, bathroom and basement. They are currently lovely shades like deep lilac, light orange, yellow and, my personal favorite, chartruse. Blah! Jim and I obviously see colors a bit differently, because even though we are in agreement that the rooms should be painted neutral colors, we still had issues deciding on the right shades of "white." :/ This one was too yellow, this one was too green, this one was just too... ew. Good times folks, good times.

* Our DVR at the apt has died. :( Although, I guess this is excellent timing seeing as how a) it's summer and there isn't all that much on tv and b) we're moving in 2 weeks. Although, it also means that I'm chained to the tv Wednesday nights from 8-10 and Thursday nights from 9-10 so I don't miss any SYTYCD. It's the one show I'm completely obsessed with this summer and they don't rerun the episodes or have them online.

* Speaking of SYTYCD, how great are the guys this season?!? I'm loving Josh, Will, Twitch and Mark so much! I'm also loving Chelsea, Kaytee and Carrington, however, I worry that I only love these gals so much because their partners are so amazing. Oh, and that lyrical hip hop routine that Chelsea and Mark did last week... I got goosebumps and almost started crying. Granted, the subject matter hit home, but still. So great. [I truly could go on and on about some of the amazing performances already from this season, but I'll save that for another post]

* I've had my eye out for a simple empire waist jersey dress for casual weekends for months. However, everything I try on is either too clingy, too short, makes me look pregnant, etc. I was passing by NY & Co. last week before dinner with my inlaws and remembered R saying she sometimes finds work clothes there. I popped in for a minute and while I didn't find anything for work, I did find the perfect (for me) summer dress and it was on sale! Sleeveless, flattering v-neck, can wear it with a regular bra, hits right above the knee, heavy enough fabric that it doesn't cling, straight enough cut that I don't look pregnant ... see, basically perfection! I picked it up in brown in the store and then proceeded to order 2 more online in bright summery colors. I kid you not, I'm totally living in this thing this summer. :)

So yeah, I guess the last couple of weeks haven't been all that exciting. I'm looking forward to getting all this house stuff settled and getting back to a routine of some sort. One more week, one more week....


  1. Very exciting!!!

    I'm excited to see pics of your new place!

  2. So exciting! I can't believe you are moving so soon.

    Yes, send some pics!

  3. hang in there, it will all be over soon! (and then you get to

    super cute dress!

  4. i'm dying to see pictures of the house, so i can pick out my room.

  5. YAY HOUSE!!! So exciting! Can't wait for pics!

  6. I bet you are soooo excited! Congrats on the house. :)

    (And hang in there.)

  7. excited for pics. and i hear you on the patio furniture. AND I HEART THE DRESS!!! easy breezy ;)



  8. Choosing paint color was the most stressful thing for us when we moved to the condo. I highly recommend getting a small can and painting a large patch on the wall before committing to a color.

  9. Can't wait for pictures! Wheeee! And that dress is super cute. I might have to stop by and check them out myself. :)

  10. can't wait for the pics.

    some good neutrals, all from benjamin moore (although if you get a paint chip, you can take it to any store and have them custom mix to match the chip):
    swiss coffee OC-45 (pretty close to true white, but a little warmer and not so stark)
    ballet white OC-9 (a cooler, more grey white...still pretty white, though)
    shaker beige HC-45 (a very nice medium range beige...almost a latte or cappuccino color. looks great in most lights if you want to go a little darker).