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Monday, September 7, 2009

My first wadder

It was bound to happen at some point - a project wouldn't work out as planned. Le sigh. I took a 3 hour class this weekend during which, I would complete a pair of boxer shorts. The pattern was for guys boxers, but I wasn't deterred. I figured they would still make a cute pair of sleep shorts for me and if it worked well, then I'd give it another go and try to make a pair for Jim. I picked out a cute quilting cotton and off to class I went.

I was right in between sizes, so I went with what the instructor suggested, even though I thought it might be too big. I had earlier went with my gut on a different project and was totally wrong, so I ignored my better judgement. Guess what - they're too big. Wah wah.

However, there are a couple of upsides to this. First, I did learn how to sew a pair of men's style boxer shorts the same way ready-to-wear (RTW) boxers are made. I'm excited to try a pair for Jim some time soon - could make a fun stocking stuffer if they work well, especially if they're in a funky print. Second, while I was ordering the men's pattern, I smartly also picked up the women's version of sleep boxers, which looking at the sizing, appears that it will be a better fit for me. I'll try that pattern out soon. I may even re-purchase the same printed cotton to make them up because I like it so much.

And now for a potential upside to one of my readers! While this project is a wadder for me, the shorts themselves are still sewn fairly well and would likely be totally wearable and cute on the right person. So, if you think they would work for you and you'd like to have them, they're all yours! I'll send them to the first person that requests them as soon as I finish the last leg hem. If there are no takers, then they are off to Goodwill.


Per the Kwik Sew pattern, these should fit someone with a waist measurement 36-38 in. and a hip measurement 43-45 in. Keep in mind that the sizing is for men, so it's a little different than typical women's measurements.


  1. Those are cute! I don't think they'd fit me, though.

  2. your instructor thought your waist would be 36-38?!? that's big-ish even for the bear.

    cute colors on that print, though. :)

  3. I'm with Tater - and also, I know there's a difference between metric and english measuring, but wouldn't inches = inches no matter whether men or women?

  4. Apparently I am your only reader who does not know what the hell a "wadder" is.

  5. I look forward to learning this sewspeak. GL with learning how to do boxers. That would save a heck of money, I say.

  6. Your instructor is not very good at estimating your body size, I'm afraid :\ Even I know you're nowhere near 36-38.

  7. i agree, that print is super cute! wish i could claim 'em, but i guess i'm glad i'm not a 36-38. nor are YOU!