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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dress Update #2

No pictures for this one, I just need to vent. All of the fabric is cut out and last night I finally sat down to start sewing for real. I took lots of deep breaths, pinned carefully and went slowly through the first few steps and things were going fine... until they weren't. That bodice absolutely kicked by butt. Getting the gathers in the bust even and getting everything to meet up well in the center was just not happening. I thought I had it, but when I looked at it from the right side, I swear, it looked like I had sewn it in the dark while drunk. FUN! :/ I eventually got it right after ripping it out and re-sewing several(!!) times. I think if you saw it right now, you wouldn't know that I had completely effed it up at first (and second and third), but getting it to that point was way more work than it should have been. So, I thought I was good for the rest of the evening.


When I went to attach the lining to the bodice, things looked so very straight-forward. However, getting everything to come together smoothly at the point in the neckline was an exercise in frustration. When I went to turn the lining inside the first time, it again resembled drunk sewing in the dark. Gah! More seam ripping, more re-stitching and before I stumbled to bed at 1am, things looked, dare I say, quite lovely. Then again, I was seeing double at that point, so who knows what I'll think about it when I take a peek this evening.

I seem to run into these types of things more than I care to admit. Now granted, I'm getting mighty good at seeing the hot mess I've made and cleaning it up rather well, but what I wouldn't give to eliminate these snafus altoghether. So, is this just an experience thing or am I destined to be BFF with my seam-ripper til the end of eternity? Oh sewing divas, help me out here!

Lastly, I'd just like to say that sewing with silk twill is a lovely thing indeed. Yes, it would like to slip around if I really let it, but for the most part with some intense pinning and a firm hand, things go where you want them to go. And all that seam ripping I did last night? The fabric held up like a champ. No puckers. No pin marks. No holes. Nothin'. I can't say enough good things about it thus far. Hopefully I feel the same way after tonight when the skirt is attached and the zipper is in place.


  1. Augh! Sorry for all your troubles. I hope everything goes smoothly for you tonight. :)

  2. Sounds like a frustrating time!! If it helps, we've all been there! I still use my seam ripper a LOT, but some things do get easier and cleaner with practice.

  3. I am glad that it all worked out in the end. I don't have any advice..I get into the same sort of trouble all the time myself. It will be great to see some pictures of how things are coming so far.

  4. well, hell. if you're BFFs with your seam ripper, i guess i might as well propose to mine.

    i'm glad it's working out, despite the frustration :)

  5. I'm a (very) new sewer, so I am really enjoying your blog!

    I have lots and lots of frustrating moments and I am nowhere near sewing an evening gown. I'm impressed, even if it is taking you a few tries. :)

  6. One of the most important things I learned from Susan Khalje is baste everything first. I asked her in class, "Susan, doesn't it take longer to hand baste than it does to just machine sew it on a baste stitch?" No, she replied, because ripping out machine stitching takes so much time. And of course she's so right. Now I practically hand baste the whole dress first, then try on for fit. If I have to make corrections it's so much easier. Then when I'm ready to machine sew I just stitch over my basting. It all actually goes together much faster that way.

  7. boo to all the trouble you've faced. i hope you've figured it all out! can't wait to see it!

  8. OH that is awful. I hate that feeling so much. I bet you will have a mix: some projects will go super well, super fast, and others will be - like this one - a total challenge.

    Do you think the dress will be ready for Saturday....?