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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ramble, Ramble

Life is hectic this week. Well, technically, it's been hectic for several weeks and it's going to continue to be nutty until November 21st, but this week is particularly bad. Rehearsals and baby shower prep and mother-in-law's birthday all falling right at the same time. I'm pretty surprised that I've been able to keep it all together so far, but my head is just a jumbled mess of thoughts and to-do lists. For example:

* I'm like the queen of flat tires recently. I'll take full responsibility for one of them, but I've had like 5 or 6 this past year and the rest were so not my fault. Another one this week in the middle of everything else that's going on about set me over the edge. Thankfully, the lovely techs at the dealership got everything fixed quickly and free of charge, right before I lost my mind.

* Love that the holidays are upon us, but don't have much brain space to enjoy the season just yet. Soon though. I'm already planning what goodies I want to bake/assemble later this month. The list is long. Like that's a shock to anyone.

* Starbucks red cups are back!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!

* I'm knee-deep in rehearsals (more on that later this month) and while it's a lot of extra time and stress on the body, I'm loving it. I love the people that are on the team, I love the work that we're doing and I love being reminded of my high school days where practices and rehearsals were a common occurence. Even the small act of pulling out my old beater dance bag has put a smile on my face. I think we're all feeling a bit worn out at this point, but I'm making sure that I sit back and really soak it all in and enjoy the process right now. I know that once it's over and it's back to "normal" life, I'm going to miss it so very much.

* Since I don't have time to go to a spa right now, but could really use a little extra zen in my life, I picked up some lavendar bath gel and lotion. Wish I had bought it weeks ago. Perfect way to unwind after a long, long day. Hot shower, lavendar bath stuff, comfy clothes - yup, perfection.

* Putting the finishing touches on the gifts for Blondie's baby shower and I've absolutely fallen head over heels in love with one of the dresses I made for her. Like, if we ever have kids, I'm totally asking her to borrow it. How sad is that?! It's just a perfect marriage of pattern, fabric and finishing techniques that add up to one kickass dress. Pictures soon. Once the shower is done though, I'm taking a couple of weeks to just sew for me. Me me me me me. ME. And the projects that I'm wanting to tackle first are somewhat boring, but that's okay. At least they'll be for me. ;)

* I really need more hours in the day. Even just one or two would be fabulous. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

* Haven't had a real conversation with Jim since sometime last week. Why, you ask? He's away at his first real trial and has been just as stressed and over-run with work as me. At least I've been getting 5ish hours of sleep a night compared to his 2-3 hours. Eeek! He's home this afternoon just in time for his mom's birthday dinner. I miss him, but at the same time, it's probably good that both of our hectic weeks happened at the same time. At least I know I'll see him tonight and at Thanksgiving. Heh.

Okay, well after that brain dump I feel better. And now, back to the never-ending to-do list. Wheeee!


  1. Hang in there! Amazingly we always seem to get through it and then look back and wonder how we did!

  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what are Starbucks red cups? I figure since you are excited about them, it is worth knowing about what I'm missing out on!!

  3. Whew, I need a break after just reading that! Hang in there!

  4. I agree with this: "
    * Starbucks red cups are back!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!"


  5. Whew~! That's a big list. Good luck getting it all done, it will all work out. It always does!

  6. Make sure you take some time out to relax! The to do list will still be there, I promise. ;)

  7. I feel the exact same way about the Starbucks cups! It signals to me: the holidays are here!

    I feel your pain. I had a professional test yesterday, and I'm having an ultrasoud tomorrow to see if I need to have my gallbladder removed (so random, I know). For the past 24 hours I've had a stress headache that Advil isn't kicking. Argh! Life is so stressful sometimes.

  8. I love red cup season!! Fave time of year.

  9. Seriously, that red cup just puts a smile on my face. Yikes, hope you and Jim both get to relax soon.

  10. what the monkey said!

    and, definitely take a bunch of time out to be "selfish" and take care of you. you earned it, and you deserve it!