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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 Everyone!

Last night we went to a small party at our friend's apartment to ring in the new year. The food was plentiful and delicious (sliders, chicken satay, shrimp cocktail, pigs in a blanket, homemade ice cream, etc) and the drinks were overflowing. Well, they were overflowing for most of the guests -- another girl and I were DDs, so by the end of the night it was really the coffee and water that was overflowing for us.

After chatting and eating we played some trivial pursuit 90's edition (the boys team killed us) and Guitar Hero on the Wii. I have never played GH before and I am so bad! The controls are just not intuitive for me at all and yet, by the end of the night I had decided that the game is a must have (that is, if we can find it in stock anywhere.)

Right around midnight we switched on the tv and rang in 2008 with Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve. Anyone else just feel sad when they see Dick Clark on the screen these days? I know he is doing better than he was last year and I give him props for still going on air to count down the ball dropping, but it really just breaks my heart. :( Champagne was toasted, we kissed our significant others and then 2008 was officially here. GH was played for another couple of hours and then it was time to call it a night.

Hope everyone had a great night and that 2008 is a great year!!


  1. Happy New Year!!

    (I suck at GH, too.)

  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like a fun NYE!

  3. Ok, you'll be joining Winnie at my place for our Rock Band (Guitar Hero with other instruments) GTG! :)

  4. happy new year!
    i felt the same way watching Dick Clark last night, so sad! He is such a trooper.

  5. Happy New Year! I keep hearing about this Guitar Hero game. Must try it out. Must buy a Wii first?

  6. man, i am so behind the times on video games.

    watching dick clark does make me sad. :(

    happy new year!

  7. Yes! You definitely need Guitar Hero :)

  8. i've never even touched a wii before. sadness.

    and like you, i'm sad at dick clark's current state. i always thought he was indestructible and ageless. turns out he's human after all.

  9. I totally feel sad watching Dick Clark. I think it's time to cash it in and let someone else do the talking. It's very un-party like when he's trying to keep up with the count down.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Ditto on Dick Clark. I almost made DH change the channel because it made me so flippin' sad and depressed.

    Happy New Year, Amber!

  11. the hubs and i thought the same thing as we were watchin him, but this year he was counting on time!

    happy new year!!!