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Monday, April 21, 2008

So many memes - Part 1

I was recently tagged by 2 different bloggers to participate in memes. They are both *fairly* new to the blogoshpere, so I wanted to be sure to play along. The first tag was from Diabolina at My Super Sweet Fashion Diary. This meme was to tell 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself. I think I might have done this one already, but here goes anyways:

1. I still use an old school 3-ring organizer to keep track of my life. As much as I love techie stuff, there is something about writing in an organizer that is so much more fulfilling than just typing in appointments.

2. In high school and college, I couldn't drink coffee without milk or cream in it. When I started dating Jim, however, he never kept cream in his fridge so I'd have to choke down my coffee black. And now? Well, it's just not a real cup of coffee if it has milk or sugar in it. ha!

3. I don't eat it very often anymore, but when I eat cup of noodles or cheapy ramen I always put red wine vinegar in it. Sounds icky, but it's soooo good.

4. Before going to be at night, I always lay out my clothes for the next day, pack my gym bag and I usually make my lunch. I'm so sleepy the mornings that if these things weren't done the night before, I'd never get out of the house on time.

5. I love reading in bed for a few minutes before I fall asleep. It relaxes me and helps put me in a mellow mood before bed.

6. I consistently weigh myself every morning, without fail. I don't always like the number that I see, but I like keeping myself accountable.

If you'd like to participate too, please do so! :)


  1. I always read before I go to sleep too!

  2. Cream and sugar for me! ;)

  3. I am a disaster in the morning, too!

  4. I, three, read before going to bed. but only a magazine, not a book, or I won't put it down! ;)