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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crazy busy

The short version:

* Moved on Friday. 7am - 11pm. I've never had my feet throb like they did that night. Inlaws came over to help, which was a godsend. And they brought pastries (I'll pause while some of you stop giggling), a PB giftcard and champagne. Love them lots.

* Saturday got up super early, went to hang out with Sporty and Blondie while they got ready for Sporty's wedding. Yup, she got married that night. Beautiful ceremony and a kickass reception. Crapload of alcohol consumed. Loads of awesome pictures taken. Around 12:30am, Blondie's husband, Links and Jim decided to show us their crumping routine. I'm not allowed to post it, but it's effing hysterical! Rallying cry of the night "I love you Dick!"

* Drove home Sunday afternoon after rehashing the night over breakfast with my besties and the husbands. Finished cleaning the kitchen that night. Kitchen looks great, rest of the house looks like a tornado hit it. Ironic thing is that I have no time to cook.

* Monday Direct TV came, all installed. Coordinated with gardener. Pool man came to make our pool look less like a swamp and more like, well, a pool. Bought paint supplies and prepped/painted our master bedroom. Such hard work. Very happy we have a small bedroom. Slept like a baby.

Longer, more involved updates (especially in regards to the wedding) coming soon!


  1. so exciting about the house AND A POOL!!!!

    dying to see krumping :)

  2. LOVE that the husbands were crumping. Very awesome.

    And congrats again on the new digs! The whirlwind will be over soon enough so you can enjoy living there!

  3. Congratulations!

    When you're settled, let's explore your neighborhood and have dinner nearby. :)

  4. And...since when did your in-laws turn Filipino?


  5. Very cool. I can't wait to see some pictures!

  6. I thought about you this weekend and I'm glad to hear the moving went relatively well (for moving, ya know).

    I'm excited to see the new casa :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!! You're a homeowner! You moved into your new home!!!!!!!!

  8. yay, you're alive!!!

    repeat after me:

    "it will all be over soon, it will all be over soon."

    ;) congrats again!

  9. i can't stop laughing at the pastries. :)

  10. yay! you're in. with pastries to boot. if i bring pastries, can i bribe you to use the pool? ;)

  11. I'll admit. I giggled at the pastries. ;) Tell Jim I will pay to see the crumping video. I'll pay with food, labor, whatever.

  12. Yay for beautiful, spacious, clean kitchen!

  13. Congrats on the new place! Hope by now you're enjoying more well-deserved poolside relaxation and less stressful unpacking