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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still not back to "normal"

While the house is coming along, I'm still not back in my normal routine and it's starting to drive me a bit crazy. I think it's almost entirely due to my personality as my husband seems to be just fine with everything. I'm really hoping over the next week or two things will calm down, but if I'm being totally honest, I think the rest of the summer is going to just busy and by fall everything should be good to go.

Btw, if I know you IRL, you'll be receiving a gallery of house pictures soon. If all goes well, as in tonight soon. For the lurkers, sorry, still feel a bit uneasy of posting the full gallery of pics.

Now, while we've been busy getting the casa together, life keeps happening and there is actually a lot of other fun stuff going on. Such as:

* Paper Source Girl's Night Out. Wan, Cee and I went to their annual event Thursday night from 8-10pm. We got to try out some new techniques, find a bunch of new stuff that we want and just hang out. So fun! Can't wait to go next year.

*Vino's wedding prep! Blondie and I met up on Friday with Crafty to work on the shower and bachelorette party invites which will get popped in the mail on Monday. I think the invites turned out great and the actual parties should be even better. Dressing Queen has a great menu planned for the shower and then we're putting together a fun night for her bachelorette party.
* Food! I'm finally starting to cook more in the new kitchen and good lord, LOVE is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings towards it. Since it's been 8 billion degrees lately, my cooking has revolved around oven-less meals, but I've still managed to whip up seviche-style shrimp tacos, grilled veggie sandwiches with green olive-artichoke tapenade, cheeseburgers and a breakfast scramble.
And I'm making an exception with the house pictures here, but you gotta see this kitchen!! <3 <3 <3

More good stuff soon, but right now I gotta run to make dinner ;)


  1. I couldn't resist; I had to show my husband your new kitchen :) Love the island! It's so handy when it comes to prepping food.

  2. When we were going through your pictures, even the hubs commented on your fantastic kitchen.

  3. The kitchen is oh so sweet!

  4. Moving is hectic, plain and simple. One day at a time!

  5. I'm moving in. I'll be living in your kitchen. And I will pay my rent in baked goods.


  6. jumping up and down with you squealing at the butcher block island.

    um, so, i am in a perpetual bad mood until every. single. thing is out of a box and in its place. yeah, stay out of my way when it's moving time. oh, and the hubs? yeah, not so much. he just goes nuts from me going nuts. ;)

  7. Gooooorgeous kitchen! So much space! Glad to hear you're enjoying it :)

  8. that kitchen looks like it's going to be perfect for madonna and mj to party in :)

  9. i love, love, love the paper goods. nice job, my friend!

    i feel like a bad friend for not looking at the gallery yet, but i will, i promise. those fabulous kitchen pictures made for a great sneak peek!