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Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

So many things to blog about, so little time. :( I still need to recap my b-day celebrations last week and the weekend before and some other fun stuff that is going on, but since those posts have fun pictures and this weekend doesn't, I'll just start with this one.

Yay for a day off! Still had to get up early to make it to Westwood for a morning doctor appointment (all is well, just a yearly check-up). After that was wrapped up, I headed home to run some errands, then I picked up lunch and vegged on the couch while watching Project Runway.

That night, we met up with some friends for sushi and then drinks afterwards at Trader Vick's. Mr. Metro is still in town from jolly 'ol England and it was fun to catch up with him and the rest of the group. Trader Vick's has totally changed since the last time I was there -- the bar is now right next to the pool at the Beverly Hilton and there is lots of space to hang out and unwind with a group of friends. As a bonus, they were playing the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the side of the building, so we didn't miss anything. So fun!

Up early. Again. Our realtor was hosting a housewarming party at our place that afternoon and we needed to finish cleaning up the house, both inside and out. While our family and some friends were invited to the shindig, the main purpose was for us to meet our neighbors, but more importantly (although he wouldn't admit to this) was to help him meet new people and maybe get some business out of it. Totally fine by us. He paid for everything and all we had to do was be gracious hosts.

However, while our friends and family all showed up, only ONE set of neighbors showed. ONE! :/ Ah well. What can you do, right? The taco cart food was yummy and it was a chance to show the house to friends and family, which was fun. Thanks for making the trek out to the new pad R, Wan, Trish and WeeMo!

By about 6pm or so, everyone had left and the exhaustion set in. After having another round of tacos for dinner, we got ice cream for dessert and collapsed on the couch to watch the Olympics.

We got to sleep in! Finally! The morning and afternoon passed in a lazy haze. We had some breakfast then Jim started working from home while I finished up some laundry and worked on making a batch of 'thank you' cards.

Later that afternoon, I went for a walk in the blistering heat and made a beeline for the pool once I got back. So refreshing. Makes the walks a lot easier when you have that to look forward to ;) That night, we trekked out to Yard House for dinner - mmm framboise and burgers -- and then somehow drug ourselves home and collapsed on the couch to watch more Olympics.

Weekend was fun, but too short. What else is new, right? ;)


  1. framboise is always a good way to end a full weekend.

    so sad i couldn't make it to the jamberee. turns out our BBQ was earlier than i thought. heh.

  2. framboise is always a good way to end a full weekend.

    so sad i couldn't make it to the jamberee. turns out our BBQ was earlier than i thought. heh.

  3. At least the one set of neighbors who came were totally adorable. :)

    Your house is the bestest!

  4. It's awesome that your housewarming party was completely paid for. :)

  5. I guess footing the bill excuses the mandatory name tags. ;) It was fun, food was good, I ruled at bubbles, and your house is great! :)

  6. yay to a housewarming taco stand ;)

  7. one set of neighbors only!!
    too bad for your realtor, hahaha
    but at least he will have you guys to spread the word, so not all is lost, plus you got to host you friends and family, so plus-es all around

  8. your house is!

    the neighbors were adorable.

    tacos. delish.

    thanks for inviting us!

  9. Well at least that's one set of neighbors you now know! Yay for free party :)