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Friday, June 26, 2009

SYTYCD - Week 3

Alright, almost caught up! Whew.

But, before we start, can I say how much Toni Basil is a waste of space on the show. Seriously, I fast-forward through everything she has to say. With all the other great people they rotate through that 3rd judges chair, I'm not sure why they keep bringing her back. Sigh.

Jonathan and Karla - Dave Scott Hip Hop: Good choreography, liked the hat tricks and stuff. However, while I thought Karla could move and did a good job looking comfortable in the routine, Jonathan looked soooo uncomfortable with everything. It really wound up being pretty messy at the end of the day. Not good.

Vitolio and Asuka - Mandy Moore Jazz: For me, this was another case of good choreography and bad execution by the dancers. Asuka and Vitolio were both back to bland, no personality mode, which made the whole routine feel very boring and meh. Put Melissa/Ade in that routine and it would have popped off the screen. Blah!

Ade and Melissa - Tony Meredith Rumba: Hot, hot, hot!!! Both of them were incredibly strong and gave each other something to play off of. Their chemistry is absolutely believable to me and I love watching them dance together. Can I also just metion how Melissa is ripped?! Good lord! Quite nice with Ade's abs, dontcha think? ;)

Brandon and Janette - Dave Scott Hip Hop: Finally! A routine that shows off their dancing skills! I thought this routine was super fun and showcased both of their talents very well. Who knew Brandon was so freaking great at hip hop? I was very impressed. Great choreography and Brandon and Janette absolutely sold it. Fabulous!

Kupono and Kayla - Jean Marc Genereux Viennese Waltz: Lord knows this has been a hot mess before on the show, but this routine was very pretty. It felt a bit fast for me for being a Viennese Waltz, but they danced it well. I would agree that's it not something that I think will cause people at home to jump up and down, but it was a good solid performance. And Kayla is still just a ridiculous dancer.

Evan and Randi - Mia Michaels Contemporary: One of my favorite choreographers paired with one of my favorite couples? Holla! Oh and it was quite a match, wasn't it? I love me some kooky and crazy Mia characters and this fit the bill. Evan and Randi were fantastic in executing the dance steps and really bringing the characters to life. I was worried though, when she started the dance in 5 inch platform stilettos (broken ankles, anyone?), but I thought the way they became part of the props for the routine was very cool. LOVE this routine. LOVE IT!!

Jason and Caitlin - Jean Marc Genereux Paso Doble: I wasn't a fan of this routine. The music was a bit much, the choreography felt rushed and Jason and Caitlin looked sort of frantic performing it. Not my cup of tea.

Phillip and Jeanine - Tyce Diorio Broadway: How fun! I really like "Moses Supposes" anyways, but I liked the routine Tyce choreographed around the song and was pleased to see the couch was a large part of it - a nod to the original number. I know the judges thought Phillip needed to up his game, but I thought they were both quite good and brought lots of energy and Broadway charm to the number. Super cute!

********************************Spoiler Alert*********************************

Anyone else LOVE the collaboration between Dimitri and NapTab for the opening group number? I'm a huge fan of hip hop/latin fusion to begin with and this number was a beautiful blending of both dance styles into a number that was sexy and fun and worthy of a music video. A+!

Bottom 3 - made sense. All 3 numbers had problems and I was happy with who was chosen for the bottom this week.

For the girls, I really wasn't sad to see Asuka go. I totally agree that she doesn't seem to be growing at all and think it was her time to leave. For the boys, Jonathan had to go. He's only had one really good routine and his solos are incredibly weak. That said, Vitolio and Jason aren't fairing much better when it comes to solos and I think they're going to really have to step it up if they want to stay around much longer. I do hope, though, that being paired with Karla will bring out some personality in Vitolio already. We shall see.


  1. I love your SYTYCD recaps. I just sit here and nod in agreement with everything you say. :)

  2. I don't watch the show but I did catch a portion of one episode and I will say, I am rooting for Pitolio!

  3. I'm so sad that I've already missed 3 weeks!!! However, I feel like generally the show doesn't get really good until about half of the couples have been eliminated.

  4. i really can't say much else because i don't watch this show, but i am cyber-smacking you for putting "mickey" in my head.

  5. I've been waiting almost a week to read this entry since we just finally got caught up last night. I love when we disagree, but I love it more when we agree. Jonathan has done AMAZINGLY well for the short amount of time he's been dancing (he started dancing after the first season of SYTCD)but he is really young and inexperienced. He has promise, but he's not quite ready for the big leagues.