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Thursday, July 9, 2009

SYTYCD - Week 4

There has been a lot more going on in my world than just SYTYCD (as evidenced by this post being well over a week late), but I haven't had time to sit down and upload pics and write it all up. Soon though. Hopefully.

Brandon and Janette - Jean Marc Genereux Cha Cha: Holy smokes! Hot Hot Hot!! Spicy little number that kicked off the show on the right foot. They are such a fun couple to watch because they bring it every single week. Another routine nailed.

Kupono and Kayla - Sonya Tayeh Contemporary: I really loved this one. I thought the concept was great, the choreography was spot on and the dancing was fierce. I wasn't a huge Kupono fan at first, but I'm really coming around to him, especially being paired with Kayla. Having a stronger partner appears to be bringing out more and more from him each week. Awesome routine. And Kayla's legs are still unreal.

Evan and Randi - Joey Dowling Broadway: I know the judges poo-pooed it a bit, but I was entertained and thought they looked good. I admit that I haven't seen Sweet Charity - the inspiration for the piece - but my co-worker, who has seen it, said that the fist punches just didn't hit hard enough compared to the original. Fair enough. Joey Dowling looks like she is a great choreographer, but she sort of scared me a bit in the intro piece. Eeek!

Jason and Caitlin - Brian Friedman Pop Jazz: Alright, I'm gonna just say it, this was a hot mess. Okay, sure, Jason and Caitlin danced it alright, I guess, but the costumes and inspiration were a big Fail. If I'm being completely honest, while it was technically fine, I didn't think they brought much in the way of bringing the characters to life. Not good dude.

Phillip and Jeanine - NapTab Hip Hop: Cool concept, they danced it well, but the chain was a bit distracting. I still love their chemistry and how she really brings it every week.

Ade and Melissa - Thordal Pas de deux: Chills. It absolutely gave me chills. I'm so happy that they were able to showcase Melissa's classical training and have a dance performed en pointe during the show. Was it rigged that they got this number? I'm sure it was. But, that did nothing to diminish the beauty and feeling this routine offered. They make such a beautiful partnership and I love watching them dance together.

Vitolio and Karla - Jean Marc Genereux Quickstep: Lackluster and a bit boring. I tend to really enjoy quickstep routines, but this one did nothing for me. Every week and I keep expecting Vitolio to bust out his personality on stage and each week I'm disappointed. I think he has really stalled out in the competition. Same thing for Karla.

***********************Spoiler Alert*******************************

I was hoping for one heck of a tribute routine to MJ and well, was anyone else a bit disappointed that it wasn't more MJ? Don't get me wrong, I liked the group routine, but I was just hoping for something less subtle and more "hit you over the head, this is honoring MJ's contribution to music and dance" sorta thing. :(

Getting harder and harder to figure out the bottom three couples each week. I was shocked Caitlin and Jason weren't in the bottom, couldn't believe Kupono and Kayla were in the bottom, but thought Vitolio and Karla definitely deserved to be there.

Let's talk solos for a minute. I loved Phillip's and while it was a bit frantic, I still thought it was solid. Vitolio and Kupono were really weak. Kupono's strong performance this week and in previous weeks saved him as it should have, but he really needs to get the solo thing together. Otherwise, when they go to singles, he'll be an easy choice to leave early. It was definitely Vitolio's time to leave. Much as his story is inspirational, that passion and personality just isn't translating to the stage. Sad, but true. I wish him well.

And now the girls. Jeanine was INSANE! That might be one of the best solos ever on SYTYCD! A complete, short routine that was beautifully put together and techinally amazing. Loved it! What happened to Kayla's quirky cute solos from auditions?! I'm so confused. She has to bring that quirk factor back because that is what got her here in the first place. Karla's solo was fine, but again, a lack of spunk and fire in the past few weeks made her the obvious choice to go home tonight.

I can't believe we're already down to 12!


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  2. It's only cool when you're a week late if I'm also a week late. Now I'm DYING to hear your thoughts on this week's routines! I think it's funny how some of the dancers you love I can't stand ;-)

  3. I keep meaning to DVR this show. Next season, I really must get into it. Sounds like something I'd like. :)