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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SYTYCD - Week 6

Almost caught up! Last week saw everyone breaking from their original partners and forming new couples. As always, some people soared and others fell a bit short.

Evan and Kayla - Tony Meredith Viennese Waltz: Shortest guy, tallest girl and a ballroom piece. I mean, it's kind of funny. I thought the shoe solution was great - I especially like the jeweled fake "T-strap" they attached to Kayla's dance paws. <3 As for the routine itself, I thought it was danced well, but the song and movement was way too fast for a Viennese Waltz. It felt rushed and kind of all over the place. Not the dancers fault though. I was also pleased to see the lifts go so well. Solid performance.

Ade and Janette - NapTab Hip Hop: Great song, cute concept. Ade rocked it out, but I thought Janette fell quite short. Her movement felt forced and didn't flow nearly as well as it should have. I give her credit though for really going for it. Just okay for me.

Jason and Jeanine - Travis Walls Contemporary: I'll try to keep this short, but bear with me. I LOVED THIS!!! And for so many reasons. First, it was great to see an alumni come back and choreograph a routine for the show. Yes, we've seen it multiple times for ballroom numbers, but this is the first time we've seen it with a contemporary dancer. Second, the routine itself was fabulous. The choreography had shades of other choreographers on the show, but it's incredibly physical nature and many fresh elements made it uniquely Travis. Third, Jason and Jeanine danced the hell out of it! Not only did they nail every step, but the passion and emotion that was put into the routine bumped it to a whole other level. Easily, my favorite routine of the night.

Kupono and Randi - Tony Meredith Paso Doble: Oh my. This was just a mess. The costumes, the dancing - it was just not good. I thought the choreography was fine and the song choice very appropriate, but it wasn't executed well at all. :(

Brandon and Melissa - Tyce Diorio Broadway: Brandon is still a chameleon and Melissa is a still a delight to watch. This routine really showcased each of their talents and then blended them together in a seamless routine. Great routine from Tyce and beautifully performed by Brandon and Melissa. Two thumbs up!

Girls Group Routine - Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood: How fun!! I absolutely agreed with judges that everyone danced it well and no one stuck out like a sore thumb. I'm such a sucker for the Bollywood costumes as they are total eye candy. I thought everyone looked great and did the routine justice. Also, Nakul has now choreographed 4 routines for the show and they've all looked and felt different from one another and for me, have all been absolute hits. Props to him for doing such a great job!

Guys Group Routine - Jeffrey Page African: I love that we finally got an authentic African dance piece on the show. Strong, powerful and tons of fun to watch. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared for Evan, but strangely enough, he did alright. Like the girls, everyone performed well and it was a great routine. As a side note, I could listen to Jeffrey's accent all. day. long. :)

********************** Spoiler Alert *********************************

The opening group routine from Wade and Amanda Robson was so cool! I loved the colors, set design, concept... all of it! It had a bit of Kill Bill theme, you know, the scene with Lucy Lui and the Crazy 88s. Fabulous.

Bottom 4 time. Kupono and Randi didn't shock me at all, Melissa in the bottom made me sad, but I saw it coming. But, Ade?! What?! I was so confused by that. Makes no sense to me. That being said, it was obvious to me that Randi and Kupono should be the ones to go tonight. They are the weakest of the bunch at this point and as much as I've enjoyed their routines these past few weeks, it was their time to leave. It's getting so hard now, though! Depending on how they do this week, I'm concerned that Melissa and Evan are probably on the chopping block. :(


  1. This all sounds so exciting! I totally dig the Bollywood routines on SYTYCD. Too bad my husband has NOT fixed my tv :( I've been watching little clips here and there from the internet though.

  2. So happy to read your recap!! Kupono & Randi were just hot mess. I love the paso doble and when people eff it up, it sucks out the happy for me. Travis' piece (hee hee) with Jason and Janine put me in tears. Whether they were tears of pride for Travis or emotional tears sprung from such a gorgeously danced routine I'm not sure. Either way pure awesome! I completely agree with everything you've said, can't wait to see your recap for tonight's show with Ellen as a guest judge!

  3. I gotta admit - I don't watch this and will probably live through your posts. I'm addicted. It's like a soap opera. What a freaking delight!