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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fabric and pattern storage - help needed

The pink palace (aka my sewing and craft room) is now completely overrun with piles of fabric and patterns everywhere - the floor, the sofa, the tops of cabinets. And my typically organized self can no longer stand the madness. I'm going to attempt to get everything in some semblance of order this weekend, but I'm a little scattered and am not really sure where to begin. I'm really not to a point where I'm going to install custom shelving for my fabric or pattern stashes, but I also know that I'm going to need to bring in boxes or storage supplies of some sort.

So fellow sewists, how do you organize your supplies? Any specific storage devices or techniques you think are particularly useful? Any tips or tricks are welcomed - thanks all!


  1. I mostly use big plastic drawers. Big giant ones for fabric (currently organized by weave, but that changes), and smaller ones for patterns. So far it has worked well for me.

  2. when i had my craft room, i organized everything into plastic drawers and labeled each drawer accordingly. it was nice to have everything in its place and still be able to find exactly what i needed at a moment's notice because the drawers were clear.

  3. I like the plastic drawers too. And I use some clear plastic bins as well. I use smaller sized plastc boxes for projects I plan to work on that season. I put everything for a project together -notions, pattern and fabric. Promise us a picture when you're all done.

  4. You are so lucky to have a dedicated sewing/crafting room.

    Oh well, I guess my biggest tip would be to organize your patterns by type. ie, dresses, coats, coordinates, etc., grouped together. I have about seven banker boxes with patterns organized this way. I also organize my fabric in a similar fashion, placing like fabric in rubbermaid bins. For my many notions, I use rubbermaid drawer units putting small tools, and a few other notions in one drawer, threads in other, etc. My hope is to one day have a sewing room where I can put a file cabinet for patterns and a some type of shelving for fabric. And have some type of desk and cabinetry unit to sew, cut, and design at. So those are my suggestions and thoughts.

  5. While I can't sew to save my life, my Container-Store-obsessed-self would probably put the patterns into a file cabinet, organized by type (dress, skirt, pants, shirt, etc.).