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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiny Turtles!

I took a small break in my selfish sewing kick this past weekend to work on a baby gift for one of my co-workers. It's too long of a story for the blog, but I just recently learned that this co-worker just became a parent. I worked with her quite a bit during the swine flu bonanza earlier this year and she is just a great person all around and a very easy (and rational!) person to work along side. So, when I heard about her new baby boy, I knew I wanted to quickly whip up a gift.

I've had the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas pattern in my stash for several months just waiting for the right opportunity to use it.

This is the first little boy gift I've tried to make, so I thought a fairly straight-forward pajama pattern was the way to go. For the fabric, I wanted something that was appropriate for a little guy, but also not completely cheeseball. Sew LA had the perfect print - a deep navy cotton filled with tiny, primary colored turtles.
It's just too cute! I paired it with plain green cotton for the bindings and ties.

And what goes better with pajamas than a cozy, fuzzy blanket?

To say this was a hit with my co-worker would be an understatement. Besides cooing over it at the office, she said that when she took it home, grandma took one look at it and decided that they should dress him up in it right away. Keep in mind, the little boy is just barely two months and the outfit is sized for 6-12mo. :) So sweet.

This is now the second O+S pattern I've used and it's another winner. [For my complete review of the pattern, click on the link to Pattern Review.] Their designs are really adorable, the patterns are drafted well and they come with easy to read and follow instructions - what more could a beginner seamstress ask for? Yes, they're pricey, but I really like supporting an independent pattern company, especially one that is so focused on providing a great product for its clients.

Cost breakdown:

Pattern - $16
Fabric - $15
Notions - $2

Fabric - $20
[I saw similar blankets at a fancy baby boutique while shopping last year and my eyes almost popped out of my head - they were retailing for $50-$65! I mean, come on. I know I live in LA and everything, but that is just silly.]


  1. Hi Amber

    You are so clever I love the pajamas. Last year I made two baby blankets, similar to yours, to give away as presents, in cashmere fabric and edged in satin fabric. I had such difficulty sewing the binding on so that the stitching was even both sides. In the end I hand stitched one of them. Do you have any tips that I could use for the next time that I want to make one.


  2. those jammies are so cute! look, if you ever need boys to practice on, i have plenty. :D

  3. adorable! ps. thanks for the including the costing info! it's so great to see how much more cost-effective it is to make these kinds of things vs. going out to a store and buying them!

  4. I love these! And the blanket looks so comfy and cozy!!

  5. Oh my gosh, so cute! Again, impressed :)

  6. yup, i just get more and more gung-ho with every new sewing project you post!

  7. You amaze me! I am in love with those PJs.

    And ditto what Pyjammy Pam said. :P

  8. I think aside from your talent with sewing, you have quite an eye for picking great fabrics for your project. The PJs are adorable and I really dig the fabric for the blanket. So cute.

  9. what winnie said.

    and i just love the kimono/wrap tops for babies not that i know anything about them (babies, that is). it just looks adorable and easy to get the kid in/out of.