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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby goodies

Yep, still on baby and kid sewing and will be for the forseeable future. No, I'm not pregnant, it just seems as though everyone I know is. :) After the ~20 babies I knew that were born last year, I think I'm up to ~8 or so for 2010 (most due for later this year). Let's just say that I'm stocking up on Oliver + S patterns, kid friendly prints and lots of minky fabric. Wheeee!

Here are the latest projects:

Contrasting pink and green baby blankets for twin girls that were wished and hoped for for a long time before entering their parent's lives. :)

A pink and orange retro floral minky blanket with complimentary O+S Bedtime Story Pajamas. The mom is another pinkaholic, with a special love for Vespas, so this fabric called out to me when I saw it. It seemed very appropriate for a baby gift for her little girl.

I've got another blanket, blanket/clothing combo and first birthday outfit in the que so more baby goodie pictures later this month.


  1. Just yesterday, Keith said, "These are my favorite blankets. They are SO nice!"

    Thanks again! xo

  2. So pretty! You're getting to be such a pro now :)

  3. love the vespa kimono set! seriously this stuff looks better than stuff in stores.

  4. Adorable outfit! I really enjoy your blog! I happened upon it a few months ago thru PR, then I lost it; but now I have found it again, and I am so HAPPY!

  5. that is the most adorable fabric EVER!