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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The three best friends that anyone could have

I'm lucky enough that I don't just have one best friend, I have two - Blondie and Vino. I've blogged about them before, but we're way overdue for another mushy walk down memory lane. :)

I can't believe that it's been 10 years since we were all in college together, living in the sorority house and being the crazy senior girls in a house full of underclassmen. Crowding into the ginormous bathroom to get ready before Thursday nights out on the town - spending hours doing our hair and make up, choosing the perfect outfit, dancing around to the latest crappy country or pop songs. It seemed like half the fun of going out was the whole production of getting ready.

Since graduating, we've had many girls trips together, where we tried to relive those fun-filled college days. Weekends spent eating, drinking, gossiping and staying up until all hours of the night. For those few nights, it felt like we were back in college, except with more money and better booze. ;)

Starting in 2005, us single ladies slowly became old married hags. First me, then Blondie and then Vino. Man, we were we awesome bridemaids for each other! These two girls are the closest things I have to sisters and I think that was pretty evident through the numerous wedding events that we attended for one another for those 3 years. And how fun to have so many more excuses to get all dolled up and hang out for days at a time!

We've finished school, we have good jobs, we've gotten married, we've bought houses. So really, it was only a matter of time before my two closest friends made the next big step. Blondie and Vino are both pregnant, due in December only 4 days apart. I had a feeling before I heard the news from them separately that this was probably the case. Lots of little things that to anyone else probably wouldn't have alerted the radar, but it just seemed odd to me. Of course, that didn't stop me from crying buckets of happy tears with both announcements.

I am over the moon happy for them and am ready to jump into full shower planning mode as soon as they find out what they are having. And like any good budding seamstress, I might have already bought a grip of Oliver + S patterns, subscribed to Ottobre magazine and have a brand new stack of baby-friendly fabric sitting in my sewing room begging me to make cute baby things. Not that I'm overly excited for them or anything. Heh. ;)

Blondie and Vino - I love you girls so much and am so happy for you. Your little babies are going to be so, so lucky to have as their moms and I can't wait to see the ways you both change and grow with motherhood. I also can't wait to spoil the hell out of the little peanuts. :) Love you both!!!


  1. Awwww! Love this post! And yay for babies!

    Congrats on your wonderful friendship and congrats to the moms-to-be!

  2. Omg, I got so choked up reading this. You're so lucky to have such beautiful friendships. Cheers to that, and to the future!

  3. Yay! More babies! Congrats to Blondie and Vino!


  5. Old friends are the best.

    Just to tempt you a little more, Oliver+s is having a sale until the 28th of July when you buy two patterns. The code is SUMMER2010.

    Can't wait to see what you concoct for the little ones!

  6. i loved this post. What stood out for me - threesomes are hard to pull off- there is often a dominant person pulling the other two into the friendship. In your photos though, the person in the centre changed.

  7. Y'all are too adorable!! Took me back to my college days. Thursday nights were the best!

    I can't wait to see all the baby sewing! I just got the latest Otto and it has some super cute baby things. I'd better get to sewing myself...

  8. Fabulous post! Great pics and back-story to the BABIES.

  9. You look exactly the same as you did in college! You are a wretched, wretched bitch!!

  10. love friends like these! you seriously haven't changed since college, that's a good thing. ;)

    and friends having babies really does mean we've become (gulp) adults, huh? le sigh.

  11. Congratulations to both of your friends! You look exactly the same as you did in college. Very lucky :)