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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Self-Stitched September: Days 2-6

As I mentioned in the previous post, I missed Day 1 because I wasn't actually planning on participating. I'm on track though, starting Day 2, although I didn't actually get a picture for that day since I hadn't decided to play along until Day 3. Heh. So here are the first few days. I figure I'll highlight the self-stitched pieces and then any other garment that I particularly love.

Day 2: DVF tank dress
Will make this picture up and add it later.

Day3:Denim straight skirt

Day off work, but lots of errands to run. This skirt is still such a workhorse piece for me. Expect to see it several more times this month.

Day 4: Madras plaid skirt

It was about a billion degrees today so it was all about staying cool and comfortable. This skirt is perfect for sticky weather because it is so light. Love it.

Day 5: Navy jersey tank

I literally didn't leave the house at all today and couldn't motivate to really dress up. Hence, a basic tank and shorts. Good work around the house outfit.
The shorts are actually the first pair of RTW shorts I've bought in years. I couldn't believe they actually fit!

Day 6: Coral jersey tank

Yup, another basic tank. :) We're doing dinner with the inlaws tonight and then spending the night so they can drop us off at the airport in the morning.


  1. All your home-sewn pieces look great. Have a wonderful time on vacation!

  2. Love all the outfits, but those tanks are just great. Are they all M6036? I will *have* to pick that pattern up.

  3. Have a fabulous vacation! Enjoy!

  4. That madras skirt is adorable! Have a blast in Hawaii!

  5. I adore that last outfit with the coral tank! So great!

  6. Cute, easy outfits! It's so great that to make basics that are easy to integrate into your wardrobe, like tank tops. Nice job!
    Have a great vacation!