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Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Clothes Bonanza for Vino's little boy

When I first found out that Vino was pregnant, I was thrilled for her and then immediately started thinking about what I wanted to make for the little one. I was convinced she was having a girl, so when I was proved wrong, my plan had to quickly change. Now, I freely admit that I might have gone a little overboard here, but really, she is my bff and it's her first baby. I think I'm more than entitled to have gone a bit nutty in the sewing department. ;)

I wound up using exclusively Oliver + S patterns for this project - one tried and true favorite and two new ones. As always, I can't rave enough about the fabulous instructions and wonderfully drafted patterns from this company. They really do help to make sewing little tiny clothes such a joy.

First up, an oldie but a goodie, Bedtime Story Pajamas in a giraffe print knit. This pattern calls for woven fabrics, but I found that it worked equally as well with a nice stable knit. I really love this print - it's sort of whimsical, which is hard to find in printed fabrics for little boys. To go with the pajamas, a coordinating minky blanket in greens and brown.

For the other two outfits, I wanted to use some fun printed woven fabric. I was kind of stuck on what to sew that would make good use of the fabric, but also still be somewhat comfortable for a baby to wear. I ultimately settled on making two short-sleeved Sketchbook Shirts - one in a UCLA quilting cotton and the other in a Kokka midweight frog printed linen.

Folks, this was my first time making a button down shirt with a collar and they couldn't have gone together any smoother. For the UCLA shirt, I finished all of the raw edges in bias tape (I know, I know, it's baby clothes, but I still wanted this stuff to look as nice as possible). After sewing the first shirt, I realized that french seams would work just fine, and only had to use bias tape for the armsyce seam in the frog shirt.

I made two coordinating bottoms for the shirts. First, a pair of Sketchbook Shorts in brown linen. I love the flat front waistband with the elastic back - such a fun detail for such a tiny pair of shorts. The fly front is faux, but looks pretty convincing with the button sewn on the waist. Again, I finished the seams with bias tape. [Btw, I fully blame my obsession with bias tape on Amanda S. Don't know whether to thank her or curse her. ;)]

The other coordinating bottom was a pair of Sandbox Pants in a dark khaki stretch cotton. I originally wanted to make the waistband in the UCLA cotton, but switched a more neutral print at the last minute so they would work with the frog shirt, too. I took a cue from Night Knitter and cut the pockets on the cross-grain. My fabric is so fine-waled that the effect isn't as obvious as it was on her son's pants, but I still think it's a cute look. And yeah, there's more bias tape, too.

I contemplated making t-shirts to match each ensemble. Then, I regained my sanity. Heh. American Apparel had some great basic options and I took advantage of them - a kelly green tank to pair with the frog print and a grey long-sleeved lap tee for the UCLA shirt. A box of Trumpette Johnny socks completed the outfits.

Lastly, the night before I headed down to San Diego I remembered that I wanted to make Vino a set of homemade burp cloths using the good 'ol Gerber cloth diapers. Thank goodness there is a Joann's a whooping 10 minutes from my house. I swung by, bought some coordinating flannel prints and whipped up a set of three burp cloths using this excellent tutorial. For a totally last minute project, I was so incredibly pleased at how these turned out.

So, now ya'll see what I've been working on for the past few weeks. This weekend I'm working on a couple of simple fall knit dresses for me and then it's back to baby clothes - Blondie's daughter needs a box of goodies, too. :)


  1. Oh WOW, those are amazingly cute gifts! I've heard so many great things about the Oliver and S patterns, they must all be true! Your clothes for the little one are adorable.

    Nice work, your friend is super lucky!

  2. ZOMG! I love the pajamas with the blanket and also the burp cloths! I mean, I love the rest too, but those are my favorites. Vino is very lucky to have you as a friend. I love little boy clothes. :)

  3. Absolutely adorable baby boy clothes and gifts! The pj set and minkee blanket look so good together and I love the pj design. Not only does the bias tape finish look good, I'll bet it feels good too. Also, the Dr. Suess baby shower was amazingly decorated. Too, too cute! Your friends are blessed to have you in their lives. Beautiful, thoughtful labor of love indeed.

  4. Wonderful!! He's going to be one well dressed little guy! Seam finishes on baby clothes seem like overkill, but you don't want rough edges on sensitive baby skin, so I think they are totally worth it. I loved the print placement on the UCLA shirt. Really nice work all around!!

  5. What cute outfits! That is going to be one well dressed baby!

  6. What a gorgeous gift that I am sure any BFF would be glad to receive! Baby Vino will definitely be the cutest baby on the block!

    I am amazed by how much sewing you accomplished, and how well it all came together!

  7. Amber, these little outfits are precious! And when I look at you work it is hard to believe you have been sewing such a short time. Don't apologize for going a bit overboard - that what BFF's do!

  8. i think finishing the seams with bias tape in baby clothing is incredibly thoughtful. that way, nothing irritates that tender, soft skin. nice, dude, as always!

  9. You're so amazing! I can't believe you made all those pieces.