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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Self-Stitched September: Days 7-16, The Hawaii Edition

Okay, I know this is soooo after the fact, but I made a point to take the pictures, so I want to post them. :)

Day 7: Burda Navy Floral A-line Skirt

I specifically bought this fabric with Hawaii in mind and it was fun to actually get to wear it on vacation.

Day 8: Kwik Sew Frankenpattern Blue Knit Dress

Comfy little tank dress that was perfect for the hot and humid evening. You'll notice a real lack of accessories (but the same two pairs of shoes) in these outfits - it was just too hot to wear more than the bare minimum of clothing. Heh.

Day 9: Kwik Sew Multi-color Racerback Knit dress

Here is one of the dresses that I was raving about before I left for vacation. Love it so much! I would have been content to wear a version of this dress every day in Hawaii, but that would have gotten a little boring, I guess.

Day 10: DVF Tank Dress (aka The Anniversary Dress)

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to us! This is another version of the DVF tank dress I made earlier this year. This one was made specifically for our anniversary dinner with the notion that it would also be a great work dress - one that would work in warm or cool temps.

Day 11: Kwik Sew Multi-color Racerback Knit dress

See, told you I love this dress. ;) As a side note, I don't know what my hair and face were doing. Ugh.

Day 12: Kwik Sew Striped Racerback Dress

Perfect casual dress for lunch at Mama's Fish House, the same beach where we got engaged 6 years ago. :)

Day 13: Burda Goldfish Mini Skirt

The crazy skirt in action. I still maintain that it's a ridiculous garment, but I love it. It was really comfortable to wear and I'd happily make it again in another print.

Day 14: Burda Mardras A-line Skirt

I've worn this skirt to death this summer and it was a nice easy piece to bring with me on vacation. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't get more of this fabric in a different color - it's really perfect for miserably hot summer days.

Day 15: Kwik Sew Striped Racerback Dress
Oops! Forgot to take a picture that night. Just see Day 12.

Day 16: McCall's Cream Scoop Neck Tank

My super comfy travel outfit - Lululemon Define Jacket, Still Pants, and a self-stitched tank. Made the 6 hour flight a little easier.


  1. Lovely lovely photos and great self stitched garments - and is that you reading a real book?

  2. I love all the beautiful items you made!

  3. You certainly wear what you sew. Everything looks great, and I love all the backdrops. What a great vacation! Happy 5th anniversary!

  4. uber stylish from start to finish :-)! my personal faves- the striped racer back dress, the DVF dress, and the multicolored racer back dress!

  5. Great items. You packed a lot of clothes - who carried the suitcase?

  6. I love the goldfish skirt and the annie dress.

    I want to sew my own clothes too.

  7. Happy anniversary! You look gorgeous in all of your self-stitched vacation items. I love the shot of you in the striped tank dress on the beach!

  8. What a great holiday wardrobe! I especially love the vintage DVF knit dress - just gorgeous.

  9. Omigosh, you look so young and adorable and happy. Great job on everything.

  10. all of your outfits are so great. loving all of the bright prints.

  11. It's a grey, bleh day here in London as I write this. All your gorgeous summer clothes and background shots of Hawaii have me daydreaming about sunshine!

  12. Love the navy floral skirt in the first pic! That's my fave!

  13. The goldfish skirt is my favorite followed closely by the madras skirt. You look amazing! I'm so glad you had a good vacation...and maybe only like 3% jealous! :-)

  14. the teen: "dude, you can MAKE a tank top?"

  15. I LOVE your anniversary dress! it looks gorgeous on you.