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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost Monday again

After a short work week, I had another long weekend.


And still, it went by far too quickly.


Another quick note before I jump into the weekend review. I've decided in the interest of keeping my friend's identities somewhat a mystery, I'm going to start using nicknames. Now, I will admit upfront that I'm horrible at giving nicknames to people. So, I apologize in advance if you're reading along and are thinking 'wow, that is me, but that is an awful alias!' I might enlist the hubs for some help in this dept. since he is a master nickname-giver. We'll see. In the meantime, you're just stuck with whatever uncreative things my mind can come up with. ;)

And now on to the weekend adventures:

I had the day off, which is always a good thing. After sleeping in, I made it to the gym for my favorite step class and my instructor had brought her new baby with her. (A babysitter was there too, so class continued as normal.) She is just a precious little soul and it was so good to finally meet her. Class was hard and it left me just exhausted. After a quick lunch, I found myself not able to motivate to get off the couch for anything. The weather combined with the lack of sleep during the week made for a very lazy me.

Hubs and I had date night plans, but at the last minute we scrapped them for a night in instead. Our favorite fancy at-home meal is seared steak with roasted asparagus and white cheddar-onion mashed potatoes, paired with a bottle of red wine. I've made it so many times at this point, that I almost don't need the recipe anymore. Dinner came together quickly and then we watched The Bourne Supremacy (what can I say, we're extremely behind on our movie watching) while we ate.

I was up fairly early so I could get ready and then head down to meet my friend Blondie (formerly known as K) at South Coast Plaza for a day of shopping, talking, eating and drinking. We're quiet proficient at all of the above. ;) She was running a bit late b/c puppy class ran longer than expected, so I shopped a bit by myself while waiting for her. I picked up the new Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash curler, some Kiehl's shampoo and a couple of kitchen gadgets from Macy's. I also popped into the Ferragamo store, a store I'm not known to frequent, and found a pair of classic black work heels that I've fallen in love with. [Side note: I still have an "IOU" from the hubs for a fancy schmancy pair of shoes leftover from the honeymoon. I think I'm ready to cash it in. Wheee!]

After Blondie arrived, we stopped for lunch at Wahoo's and then bummed around some shops. We spent hours catching up what's happened over the last couple of months and started to throw around bridal shower/bachelorette party ideas for our friend Vino's wedding in the fall and Blondie's sister's wedding in the summer. We thought a stop at the Border's wedding section would provide some inspiration, but instead it just provided a comfortable place for us to sit and talk over coffee about my crazy family and how much fun it is to be an adult [insert sarcasm here].

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and we capped off the night with dinner and dessert, complete with lots of strong coffee for the drive home, at the Nordstrom cafe. We were some of the last people to leave and by then, the rain had started up. Again. The drive back to LA was rough. The rain and wind were kinda crazy, but thankfully, I still made it home in about an hour.

Ugh. I had to wake up far earlier than I cared to in order to do a couple of time sensitive things for work. And then I couldn't go back to sleep. Sigh. So, I read a little, had a quick shower and then fixed breakfast before hubs and I headed off to Staples Center to watch the Lakers take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Such a great game... until we managed to lose. :( One upside was getting to see LeBron James in person; he truly is a man-child, just such a presence on the court, even amongst a bunch of other very tall players.

I'm still sleep-deprived and fell alseep on the ride home and have been kickin' it on the couch ever since. The poor hubs is working away in the office, drinking copious amounts of tea to try and stay awake. Sad. And I guess at some point we should figure out what we're doing for dinner. Hmmm, I'm fresh out of motiviation to make anything so it should be an interesting night.

And, like the title says, it's almost Monday again. Busy week ahead with a real debbie downer weekend to look forward to. I'm trying to just focus on the good stuff though. Trying is the key word of course. Here is to a good week folks!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about nicknames. My friends all seem to like the ones I've given them. :)

    If anybody has a web presence, I just refer to him/her by the name used when commenting, which is why sometimes people are referred to by real names and others aren't.

  2. i'm jealousE of all your laker games! we haven't been to one in years. let's just say i was pretty awed by seeing shaq in person :/

    and, i MUST have that mini shu uemura curler. MUST. HAVE. IT.

  3. classic and comfy looking heels. that mini curler is going on my list.

  4. Boo. How can I already be Monday???

  5. No wonder you're tired -your weekend was ridiculously busy!

  6. Love the shoes! After your and Wan's posts, I must look into the mini shu uemura curker!

  7. Please email me that steak recipe - the entire dinner really. Yum, yum! The potatoes sound delicious!