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Monday, June 18, 2018

Festival Fun: George + Ginger Capsule Tunic

I love the start of summer - school is done, our daily pace slows down and we try to explore some of the local fun spots we don't get a chance to see during the school year. On top of all the normal awesome activities our area holds, special summer festivals abound! Outdoor concerts, food and wine gatherings, art shows - you name it and you can probably find it in Southern California during the summer months.

I have a closet full of beautiful skirts and practical shorts for more chic or casual events respectively, but I don't have many easy dresses that pair well with my beloved converse. This was the summer I vowed to change that and I thought I'd start by trying to find the perfect t-shirt dress - just in time for the George + Ginger Festival Fever Blog Tour!

I've pinned more inspiration pics than I can count of relaxed fit, short sleeve t-shirt dresses, but I didn't have much luck finding a pattern that was a good match. Earlier this year as George + Ginger was retiring the Capsule Collection, I snagged the Capsule Tunic pattern. It had the shape I was looking for in a t-shirt dress, but it oddly didn't get much love in the G+G Facebook group. I had a feeling it was a hidden gem and I was totally correct!

I chose the simplest of the pattern options as it matched my inspiration pics the best - mid length dress with cropped short sleeves. I traced off my normal size (4 bust, 8 hip) and added a bit of length to make sure it wasn't too short for me. After sewing it up, it was a bit *too* relaxed of a fit for my vision and I ultimately took 1" off each side seam all the way down. I also removed almost all of the length I added and did a 1" hem as suggested in the pattern.

I used a lightweight, striped jersey fabric that is so soft and feels like a vintage tee that you've had for years. It was a great choice for this pattern.

And now I have the perfect t-shirt dress that I've been looking for in stores for years! It's relaxed, but still shows that I have a shape under there. I love that I can pair it with converse, but it's also super cute with flats if I want to dress it up a bit.

I was planning to wear it this past weekend to the Pasadena Chalk Festival, where artists descend onto one of our outdoor shopping areas and create chalk drawings on the walkways all weekend. It is a really cool event and something we look forward to walking through every year.

But, in true So Cal June weather, it was too chilly for a short sleeve dress. No worries though, this one will get a ton of use this summer!

What events do you have on tap for this summer and are you planning to make anything for them? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out all of the other amazing bloggers on the Festival Fever Blog Tour this week!

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  1. First: You are adorable. As always. Tshirt dresses are such a summer staple, I love them.

    Second: OMG that chalk art is AMAZING!!! What a fun festival!

  2. That chalk art is super cool. I've been debating about making the capsule tunic but you've totally convinced me to.

  3. Now I'm having sad panda regret that I didn't snag this one lol I definitely need dresses for my chucks!

  4. Such cool pictures from the festival!!! But yeah, I hear you, whenever I makes something specific to wear somewhere, the weather turns on me, and ends up being the complete opposite of what I expected ;)

  5. Yes to the comfy wardrobe staple! I love a good t-shirt dress in the summer and your is perfect!

  6. This dress looks soooo stylish, and super comfy. Great work!