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Thursday, July 26, 2007


As I've already mentioned, Jim and I are off to Hawaii for 12 days at the beginning of September to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. I am beyond excited about this trip as it is turning into a very luxe vacation on a beer budget (thank you frequent flier miles, credit care points and retirement association benefits!) I think in some ways it may even wind up being more lush and relaxing than our honeymoon which is pretty exciting! But, I want to look good. Like hot sexy wife good.

It is pretty amazing how the anticpation of this trip has totally re-energized my motivation for working out and eating healthy. Some may say I'm a woman obsessed right now. That may be true, but I figure you've got to strike while the iron is hot, right? The goal was to lose 8 lbs in 8 weeks and so far, my body is cooperating quite nicely. I've been really good about eating healthy during the week, which has offset my dips into yummy (re: non-healthy) foods on the weekend. And I'm hitting the gym/dance class with renewed vigor. My goal on SparkPeople has been to burn at least 1500 calories a week ... though lately it's been more like 2000+.

The side effect of all this eating well and working out is that I am feeling really good about myself lately. Jim has been very supportive of the fact that there are several nights during the week that I run off before he's home to catch a dance class or am there just long enough to say hi, hand him dinner and then jet to the gym. I figure in the end, it's all worth it though; I will be not only healthier, but pumped that I'm at my goal weight and he will get a confident and sexy wife on the trip. hehehe! Kind of like the icing on the cake for this already awesome vacation!


  1. I need some of that motivation. I'm hitting a wall and it's causing me to slump. Dammit!! Good for you for keeping up the good/great work and yay for supportive hubby!

  2. That's awesome! Keep it up to get it down. Hee, hee! :)

  3. this is so fabulous! i'm totally proud of you, hot sexy friend :)

    and in a couple of months, i'll be joining you on that sparkpeople thingy you keep raving about!