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Monday, July 30, 2007

Too much fun stuff!

The last 4 days have just been insanely busy. Fun, but busy. And now for the *somewhat* abbreviated recap:

  • Went to Campanile for dinner for the famous "Grilled Cheese Night". They basically have a special menu they roll out each Thursday night which includes special appetizers and a whole list of fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmmm. We started off with the mini-mozarella balls and tuna sashimi plate for an appetizer. Both were stellar. I then had their classic grilled cheese with onions and whole grain mustard while Jim noshed on the lamb and goat cheese grilled sandwich. He was less than enamored with his selection, but we both thought mine was excellent! Between that and the plate of lightly seasoned fries they bring to the table to accompany the sandwiches, we were in heaven. If you haven't gone yet, I highly recommend checking it out.


  • I had the day off and yet, it definitely wasn't a day to just relax. We were having our friends Dubber and Jess over for dinner that night, which meant I was up early cleaning and straightening the apartment. After taking an early afternoon step class it was off to Cost Plus for wine, Mr. Marcel for cheese & crackers and Bristol Farms for the ingredients for dinner/dessert. The menu: Cheese platter w/ fruit for an appetizer, Filet mignon w/ cheese & onion mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus for dinner and banana splits for dessert. Thankfully, everything came out well (sadly, I was so busy doing 20 things at once in the kitchen, I didn't have time to take any pics. booo.) and we had a great time eating, talking and playing wii.
  • Great side note: While playing wii tennis, Dubber was getting very into the game and at one point actually smacked Jess across the face with the controller. Ooops! Once we figured out she was okay, we were all cracking up. Dubber and Jess switched places so that she would be out of the line of fire. This was all good until "Smack!". His backswing connected with my elbow. Double oops. Needless to say, we stopped playing tennis.


  • In the morning I got together with a few special gals to help put together cookie favors for Trish's wedding that night. It took us hardly any time to put 100 favors together and then we dispersed to take the rest of the afternoon off and get ready for the evening festivities.

  • On my way home I swung by Bloomingdale's and scored a super cute Juicy Couture swimsuit coverup for our trip to HI. I've wanted one of these for awhile, but couldn't justify paying full price for it. However, 40% off the already marked down price suited me just fine TYVM!
  • That night we attended Trish and Spyro's wedding! It was so beautiful and they both were glowing the whole night. WeeMo took a ton of pics and posted them on her blog here. Congratulations you two! Jim and I wish you all the best now and for many years to come :-)


  • After finally waking up at like 10am, we had a quick bite at home and then hit the road for more house-hunting. We primarily focused on the Pasadena area, but still didn't find anything we loved. We are really at this point trying to figure out exactly how far outside of downtown LA we are willing to look in order to find something in our price range that is at least a little larger than a shoebox. We have been just looking at condos and townhomes, but are now starting to consider expanding our search area in order to maybe be able to find a single family home. I know this would make both of our moms thrilled, but we're still trying to figure out what we need and what our real budget is. House-hunting is no fun. :-(


  1. I heart Pasadena. I would like to live there some day, but Mr. Monkey is a Westsider at heart, despite having grown up in the Valley.

    At this rate, we will be living downtown FOREVER.

  2. So great to score that deal on the cover up! Dinner sounds delish and I wish I had a banana split right now.

  3. yup, we heart pasadena too. it's a shame we're moving in the exact OPPOSITE direction...but we'll get there one day. hopefully it won't cost a gazillion dollars when we're finally ready.

    so much fun hanging with you this weekend! and i love the new coverup. i want one!

  4. Oooh, house hunting!!

    My bro-in-law and his wife just bought a house in Pasadena. Haven't seen it yet but they love it.

    Have you been on the MLS? Easy to breeze through things online.