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Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Roundup


We got a fairly early start after the Universal Citywalk debacle the night before and headed to John O'Groats for some grub. (Carmel Pecan french toast is heaven on a plate, btw) I had somehow convinced the hubs that making a trip out to the Camarillo outlets was a good Saturday afternoon activity so after breakfast we hit the road... right at the sun was hitting its peak. Um, did I mention we were in a convertible with the top down? Thankfully, 3 applications of 45spf sunblock kept me from turning a lovely shade of lobster red, however, since Jim shunned the sunscreen, he wound up very burned. Bad Jimmy. I should note that I usually love this group of outlets, but I specifically wanted to see what the new AG Jeans outlet was like. Not only was it very disappointing, but we didn't find anything at any of the stores there. Poo!

After making the trek back, we ran over to the Grove to catch the late afternoon showing of new Harry Potter flick. We both enjoyed it and thought that it fit well in the series. Since the Post Office was lame and didn't deliver my new HP book (so mad!), we stopped at Barnes and Noble to let me buy a copy with the intention of returning my pre-ordered copy next week. It was all I could do to keep from reading it as we walked over to dinner at Mr. Marcel.

Dinner was yummy as always, but for some reason the wine hit us hard! (Probably too much sun combined with too little water) On our walk back home we decided to stop at Tommy Bahama to "get in the mood for Hawaii" and thought it was a good idea to smell every candle on display to figure out which one made the store smell so good. We must have looked like bumbling fools running around smelling everything and couldn't help but laugh at ourselves the whole time. Never did figure out what it was either, though we're guessing it's the combination of scents that gives the store that lovely tropical smell.


After a lazy morning at home, we decided to bite the bullet and start doing a little house-hunting. Our goal is to be in something by the fall, so we sort of need to figure out where we want to live. Since we cannot afford our current location, it was off to look for new neighborhoods that would keep us close to downtown while still feeling safe and pretty. Oh, and we don't want to pay an arm and a leg. We didn't find anything we loved, but we also felt better about what is out there than when we were looking this time last year. It was a loooong day, but we both feel like there is definitely something out there for us. It is just finding it is the hard part.

The night concluded with more Wii golf for Jim and HP book for moi. Neither of us got much sleep... Ha!


  1. After being burnt to a crisp in SF, I finally went out and bought the Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock you recommend. It's great! Thank you!

  2. yay for neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sunblock!

    fun weekend recap. i should start doing them again on my real blog. boo to the WR.

  3. That's what I use too after your recommendation :)

  4. i'm telling you - 2008's gonna be the year of the buyer. did you SEE how many foreclosures there are this year vs. last year? and that's only the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

    btw, i must say i was thoroughly disappointed with the juicy couture outlet in camarillo. i had such high hopes, too.

  5. What a full weekend. Lil' Man was all over that book when he got it on Monday. You should have heard the excitement in his voice.