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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Go, go, go

I've got so many blog posts floating around in my head, but no time to sit down and actually write them out. And I still need to finish blogging about our Peru trip. I'm sure many people are over reading the recaps, but I want to have my thoughts down somewhere so I don't forget details about the trip. So really, it's just as much for me as it is for others to read (or not).

This week I've tried to get back on the eating right/working out train and it's going well. But by the time I'm done with dinner, I'm just beat. This is exacerbated by the fact that my husband hasn't been home for dinner since Saturday night due to craziness at work, so it's just me and the DVR in the evenings. Thus, my motivation for being less of a lazy ass is just not there. Meh. I'm also sorta trying to conserve a bit of energy this week so I'm ready for this weekend. Sporty's bridal shower is on Sunday, but I'm playing a bigger role than just attending. More about that, complete with pictures, next week.

Last night, I was so worried about forgetting do something over the next couple of days, that I wrote out my to-do list for the next 48 hours before bed so it wouldn't keep me up at night thinking about it. The upside - it worked and I slept like a baby. The downside - that list covers a full page and a half :/ Strangely, I'm not flustered, just anxious to get started already!

I do have some fun evening plans though tonight and both hubs and I have to pack for our trips tomorrow (mine to SD and his to AZ for a work conference), so I might actually get to exchange a few words with him in person, while we're both awake! Yay!


  1. My company currently has an opening for up to class of 2002 right now.

    Just sayin'.... ;)

    (And if not for the Mr., maybe one of his friends?)

  2. a page and a half? wow. you ARE one busy girl!

  3. Ugh - hope the husband's work schedule lets up sometime soon. No bueno for the wifey!!

    My husband is a list addict... and he literally couldn't function without one. I always tease him about it.

  4. eeks a page and a half!!! buena suerte!

    Have had a really hard time relaxing on this vacation. i am such a nerd. always feel the need to get alot of stuff done. make a list every morning. trying to calm down and just breathe more. new job ahead and all.

    have fun on your trip and kiss the hubs for all his hard work.

  5. page=and-a-half?! hang in there!

  6. i hope your writing is big and loopy. nah, i bet it's not.

    hang in there.

  7. Lists can be life savers. :) I hope you have a spectacular time at the shower this weekend. I'm sure Sporty is going to love every ounce of thought and care you guys put into it.