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Monday, October 20, 2008

Catch up

Behind in blogging again. Well, what else is new? ;) Let's do this bullet-style 'cuz it's just easier that way.

* I took a couple of weeks off from walking to sort of catch up on life, but I'm back at it. This past Monday, I popped some advil before going on a 14 mile walk because of cramps and well, that was a stupid idea. It masked some early signs that I was straining my hamstring, so by the time I knew there was a problem, it was really a problem and I could barely get back to my car. Lovely. Thankfully, it healed quickly and I'm back on track. Only 5 weeks til the big weekend!!

* I went to a book signing for Ferran Adria - the famous Spanish chef of El Bulli - last week and it was really cool. I bought his new book A Day at El Bulli and had him sign it. I tried to act professional, but instead I just stood there smiling like an idiot and saying "Thank you, it's a pleasure" over and over. The funny thing, my co-worker did the same thing! Yeah, we're lame. I'm guessing the fact that he only spoke Spanish threw me off my game a bit. It was still a freaking awesome experience!

* After the book signing, I met up with Wan for dinner. While the food was good, it was far surpassed by the company. We laughed til we cried... always makes for a good night.

* It's finally getting cooler at night so we bought a screen and tools for our fireplace. I had no idea my husband likes building a fire so much! He resembles a kid in a candy store when he starts one and then tends to it for hours. Too funny.

* I've been carving out more time for cooking, which is making me very happy. I've tried new recipes for lasgana, hoisin shrimp stirfry, artichoke and cheese stuffed chicken breast and a whole host of other yummy things. While takeout can be good, I was really missing the food that comes out of my kitchen.

* We attended a surprise birthday party for our friend Dubber over the weekend. His wife was worried that someone would spill the surprise, but no one did. Fun night of drinks and hanging out with friends.

* Saturday we went to the UCLA-Stanford game and tailgated with MoP and T-dogg. The group they tailgate with go all out for games. We noshed on chicken paninis, green salad, mac n cheese, chips and lots of booze and played beer pong (the hygenic version) in between eating and drinking. The game wasn't a disappointment either, as we got our 3rd win of the season - Yay! Still way under .500, but it's something at least.

And just like that, all caught up!


  1. Pictures make catching up easier! :)

  2. How's your thigh now? I'm very worried about you. Take care of yourself!

  3. mmmm...those recipes sound good! do share, especially the cheese and artichoke chicken one;)

  4. For some reasons, I read "I took a couple of weeks off from working," and I got all jealous :) Be careful with your training, and take care!

  5. I did the exact same thing as winnie. =) Don't push it too hard!

  6. Hygenic beer pong? Explain please. :)

    I'm glad the strain was nothing serious. Take care of yourself!

    I cracked up at the visual of Jim pouring over making a fire with the same intensity that I picture you making thank you notes and lining envelopes. :)

  7. Can I comment in bullet points?

    - I'm glad your hamstring is better. Am I right in thinking your walk is the weekend of Nov. 23? That's my 10k, we can both write posts that Monday about how tired we are :)
    - Any time you feel like cooking in Chile, just let me know. All of that sounds delicious!
    - Gooooo Bruins! Advantages of living far way include selectively choosing to hear only good football news.

  8. I love tailgating! Yay for catching up, bullet-point style ;)

  9. Please share the hoisin shrimp recipe, too!

    And UCLA sucks. ;)