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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The day after/Start of the mini-vacation

Surprisingly enough, we actually woke up at a decent hour and stumbled our way to the hotel cafe for breakfast. I was too busy nursing a hangover to worry about taking pictures, but really breakfast wasn't all that exciting to begin with. The upside is that Jim and I both felt better after a lot of greasy food and copious amounts of coffee.

Vino and Spurs had reserved 3 cabanas for everyone to hang out in for the day and we were some of the first guests to arrive. Spurs and Vino were looking quite chipper and happy and like they were in much better shape than the rest of us.

Blondie and Chaz walked out to the cabanas with us, where Jim and Chaz immediately took over the couch with Vino's dad. Blondie and I were twinsies again because we're crazy.

Much of the afternoon was spent drinking tons of the complimentary strawberry water provided to pool guests, talking and hanging out.

We did manage to wander over to the activity pool at one point to take advantage of the waterslide. Highlights included Chaz and Bif almost flying out of the slide during one of the turns and Sporty, Vino and Dressing Queen going down the slide in a chain, then coming to a dead stop at the end of the slid and gracefully plunking down into the pool one at a time. Sadly, there are no pictures of this as my camera is not so much waterproof and I didn't think to bring the camera cover for it. Boo to me.

Blondie and Chaz had planned on driving back that day, but as the afternoon wore on, we managed to convince them to come spend the night on the strip with us. They found a cheap room at Imperial Palace - aka "IP" or "hell hole" as they'd later find out. We finally said our goodbyes to Vino and Spurs around 4pm. It was so much fun hanging out with them and while it was sad to say bye, we also knew that we'd all be getting back together for Spurs' birthday in a few weeks.

The drive to the strip was uneventful. We checked in to The Palazzo and then proceeded to get ready for our night out.

By the time Blondie and Chaz met us at our room, they had already discovered that the IP was a POS, especially seeing as how they had a room right next to the elevator. They were going to be lulled to sleep by the lovely "ping!" "ping!" of the elevator all night. :/

To take their mind off the crappy room, we headed out to Morel's for a yummy steak dinner. Jim and I have been to Morel's a couple of times at The Grove, but the decor at this one really takes the cake. Paintings of nude folks in various, um, compromising positions filled the walls. I mean, it is Vegas and all, but yeah. It's out there.

We were seated on the patio, overlooking TI and Mirage. We were even treated to the TI stageshow twice during our meal, which not surprisingly, is not nearly as cool as the Bellagio Fountains. Our waiter, though, was hilarious! I wish I could bring him with me to all of our meals out. Great service all night long.

Blondie and I started with a picture and then split a bottle of Cabernet. The boys opted for Chimay in fancy glasses.

For appetizers, Jim had butter lettuce salad, Blondie and Chaz had the potato leek soup with truffle chips and I opted for the onion au gratin soup. All of them were very good, although their soup still doesn't hold a candle to the crazy good french onion soup I had at Boulud Brasserie earlier in the year.

[I should note that my closest friends know about this blog and read it, even if they don't comment much, if ever. And since I've been on a bit of picture rampage, they now wait to start eating until I've photographed their meal. It's hilarious to me, but also awesome that I don't have to explain what I'm doing. Yeah, they think I'm nuts, but then again, they did before the blog, too. So really, I'm just maintaining the status quo.]

Since it is a steakhouse, everyone except for Jim opted for the 10oz filet mignon, while Jim went out on a limb and ordered the lamb. For sides we had artichoke hearts and potato puree. Thumbs up all around.

At this point everyone was completely stuffed. So, no dessert. Instead, dessert wine! Blondie and I ordered the Muscat, while Jim had a glass of port. We had just finished sharing our experience with Grappa in Italy with Blondie and Chaz - that basically rubbing alcohol goes down smoother than that stuff. Which led Chaz to have to try this stuff for himself. It's really really strong. Even the smell of it will put hair on your chest. He took one sip and breathed fire. Yup, we weren't lying to ya ;) Blondie barely tasted it and a look of complete horror crossed her face. And somehow, I know there are a few of you that will read this and think "okay, now i have to try this." Just. Don't. Seriously. It's no bueno.

After rolling ourselves away from the table, we weren't ready to call it a night yet. So, off we went to Dos Caminos in The Palazzo for some more liquid fun. The boys opted for a flight of tequila, which included Don Juan, Corazon and Patron. This came with flavored salts, lime wedges and a bloody mary mix shooter. I'm not usually one for straight hard liquor, but I sipped the Patron and it was quite yummy. Blondie and I opted for a pitcher of white sangria.

The place was dead, which makes us worry for their future survival. Alhthough, one way to up the crowd would be to have better music. They had a DJ playing Spanish-influenced music that was supplemented by someone playing the drums and someone on the trumpet. Drum guy was cool, but trumpet guy was too loud and annoying. Chaz showed us all his disapproval.

After finishing our round of drinks, we headed off to The Venetian to gamble a bit before Chaz and Blondie had to head back and get a little sleep. (They were heading out really early Sunday morning to beat the rush back to SD.) Along the way, I saw this cute little guy and insisted on a picture. The people behind us look thrilled, don't they?

At The Venetian, we found some penny slots to play on for a bit. Chaz found a hot machine that even paid a $60 jackpot after putting in a mere 30 cents. Score! Eventually though, Chaz and Blondie decided to call it a night. It was so much fun hanging out with them and I was really happy they decided to stay one last night to play with us. :)

At this point it was maybe 11:30ish and I was hoping to be able to catch up with some OC gals that were in town celebrating Jessica's birthday. After a few text messages back and forth, Jim and I headed over to Planet Hollywood to hang out for a bit and wish her a happy birthday! When we got there, we found Jessica and Claire and some of Jessica's other pals at the Extra lounge hanging out. Of course, this meant picture time.

It's pretty funny that they really only live a few miles from me and yet somehow it's easier to meet up in Vegas than it is to meet up in California. Jim and I stayed and chatted a bit with Jessica's friends and then a little after 1am, the last few days started catching up to me and I needed to get to sleep. Fabulous day in Vegas, if I do say so myself.


  1. The steak & lamb look so good! And relaxing in a cabana sounds pretty amazing! Looks like a great day!

  2. (1) Me wants strawberry water!
    (2) My friends are trained re food photos, too!
    (3) IP is a shithole!

  3. I need to go to Vegas with you. When I go with my friends we don't eat at all, just drink our way though Vegas and hit up every club on the strip. When I go with the hubs we gamble our way through Vegas. I wanna go with you and eat my way through Vegas!

  4. 1. it's so funny to me that you and your friend wore the same outfits all weekend long :)
    2. the food looks deelish!
    3. only 2 of my closest friends know about my blog, and then 1 other somehow found it. i don't think i'll ever have the courage to tell anyone else about it :)

  5. Your room at Palazzo looks gorgeous! And a day at the pool with cabanas is always so fun.

    I'm so glad we got to meet up!!

  6. post-wedding boinking totally trumps post-wedding hangovers.


  7. Now I want to go to Vegas and eat somewhere fancy. I'm so glad you guys had fun!

  8. This makes me want to go back to Vegas...

    Sounds like it was a great day!

  9. fun pics---oh how i miss those mini vacays.