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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SYTYCD - Week 7

Got a little behind with these recaps, eh? Oops! For completeness sake, I'll finish 'em up now, albeit much later than I had originally planned.

Travis Wall Group Routine: So fun! Loved the light up costumes and the strong choreography.

Evan and Janette:
Sonya Tayeh Jazz - Still loving Sonya's choreography. Janette is a spitfire and I thought she did a great job in the routine. Evan faired well, too, which was a surprise to me.
Tony Meredith Rumba - Hot! I was shocked that Evan really rocked the whole sexy angle and of course, Janette was completely in the moment and commited to the feeling of the routine. Nice piece from both of them.

Brandon and Jeanine:
Hunter Johnson Waltz - Pretty, but a bit of a snooze. It would have been nice to see them in something a bit more lively.
Laurieann Gibson Pop Jazz - Such a strong routine from two very strong dancers. My eye flitted back and forth equally between Brandon and Jeanine as she was more than able to keep up with his hard hitting style. This type of piece can be really difficult because there really isn't a character to fall back on if you're technique is suffering. This is all about feeling the music and the movement and these two did a brilliant job with it. Fabulous choreography and execution!

Ade and Melissa:
Tony Meredith Cha Cha - Just okay. Too slow and not really enough emotion for me.
Tyce Diorio Contemporary - Aaaand they just secured themselves another week on the show. This was the most powerful routine I've ever seen danced on this show, by a landslide. The depiction of a woman with breast cancer was so emotional and heartfelt and I can't think of two better dancers to have performed this routine. A subject matter like this could have easily felt fake or insensitive, but Tyce's amazing choreography combined with the emotional maturity of both Melissa and Ade made for a breath-taking and tear-inducing piece. If you haven't seen this yet, you need to find it on YouTube and watch it. But, be forewarned, have tissues at the ready. It's a tear-jerker.

Jason and Kayla:
Tyce Diorio Jazz - First off, I couldn't agree more with Mia that Kayla needs to be on Broadway if she has any acting or singing talent. The girl looked stunning in this piece and danced it so well! I thought Jason performed admirably, but overall, I just don't think he can keep up with Kayla. Nice routine from Tyce.
Shane Sparks Hip Hop - Finally, Shane Sparks and his kickass choreography is back! I don't know what happened earlier this season, but this latest routine from him was fantastic! I loved the zombie theme and their hard-hitting movies. When Kayla wiped her eyes and smeared black makeup down her face, giving her quite the creepy look, it was a really nice touch to the piece. The ending move was sick! I don't know how they did it, but it was so perfect for the routine and totally creepy. Excellent!

******************Spoiler Alert****************************

This week's results show was the 100th show and from all the promotions, I really thought this was going to be a packed show with guest appearances from previous contestants and lots of old routines performed. Yeah, not so much. Lots of the old cast were back, but the just sat in the audience. Why wouldn't you utilize all of that amazing dancing talent and have more live routines instead of a measly 4 (albeit Emmy-nominated and quite good, but still!) I was really disappointed that they didn't make this show more than it was. :(

As for who was sent home, I was shocked that Brandon was in the bottom 2, but was happy that it was Jason that was sent home. A good dancer, but just not on par with the likes of Brandon or Ade. As for the girls, I was sad that Janette was sent home, but didn't feel like it was the upset of the season. She is quite good, but again, just not on par with the other ladies, at least for me.


  1. i feel so sad that i don't watch this show and can't be your friend about it ;)

  2. I was not at all impressed by Katie Holmes' dance routine :X

    (I hope I'm on the right week)

  3. Better late than never right? I also felt that the 100th episode did not live up to the hype. MEANWHILE I decided this season I can't stand Tyce at all, and even I bawled at his contemporary piece, so maybe I don't mind his contemporary and can't stand his Broadway?