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Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost done!

After just killing myself this weekend running here and there from store to store, I am thisclose to being done with Christmas shopping!!! Hallelujah! Not only that, but most of the gifts are already wrapped and waiting to be put under the tree (that we don't yet own, but soon.) :) I really wanted to be able to enjoy the season, but I felt like I needed to get the shopping out of the way first. Now that I'm about done, I'm looking forward to baking and decorating this weekend and then just sitting back and enjoying it all. YAY!

Some of the notable purchases from the weekend:
* Burke-Williams spa gift certificate for my mom - The perfect gift for someone who is trying to purge their house of "stuff".
* Logo pint glasses for my brother - found them at BevMo for $2.50 a piece. Such a steal!
* Non-logo belgian beer goblets for Jim - Thank you!! He has been looking for these for months and I finally found them online. He's going to be thrilled.
* Bread mixes from Williams-Sonoma - um, they had the pumpkin pecan and vanilla spice bags marked down to $1.99 a piece! Considering they retail for $10.50, I'd say it was quite the bargain!
* Humorous garden picks - for my secret santa person at the office who is a gardener. They say fun things like "Grow Dammit!" and "Bugs need not apply." It's really hard to get a good garden-themed gift for under $15, but I found one.

There are quite a few other fun gifts I picked up, but the recipients read this blog so I don't want to spoil the surprise.

It was a crazy weekend and I was frustrated during parts of it because it was taking longer than it should to get the shopping done. But this morning I woke up feeling so good about it all. Definitely worth it!


  1. congrats on being finished with shopping!

  2. Awesome job finishing your shopping so soon!

  3. wow the first week for dec has not even ended and your are done? you go girl!

    i'm pretty much do 99% of my shopping online, i avoid the malls at all cost during the holidays =)

  4. Girl, I'm right there with you. I should hopefully be done by the weekend thanks to on-line shopping. Can't wait!

    *wondering if you got me for the exchange* ;)

  5. Sounds like you're ahead of the game! Congrats!!! Feels good, doesn't it? :)

  6. what a fabulous, productive weekend! like R, i've done lots of online shopping and i'm damn near done. yay!!

  7. Ugh, You're my hero.

    My plan was to have Christmas Shopping done by now.. but alas, I've only purchased one.

    I have like 10 more to go. =(