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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

So many things to write about, but I've been too busy to actually get to a computer to write them. blah!

* I've been the biggest gym slacker these past few weeks. Sure, I've made it once a week for weights, but besides that, it's been dismal. This week I recommited to actually getting my bum there at least 3 times a week. I'm proud to say that I went after work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and have plans to go again on Friday! Amazingly enough, I feel really good and I'm sleeping better.

* I'm not usually one to shower at the gym after working out because I literally live 2 blocks away and it's just easier to drive home right quick and shower in my own cozy bathroom. However, I had dinner plans Monday and Tuesday nights after I was at the gym, so it was easier to just get ready there and not have to go home first. And I have rediscovered that jumping into a hot shower immediately after working out is one of life's little pleasures. I practically melted into a puddle both nights as my entire body seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Since I can't afford a massage every week, this seriously might be the next best thing.

*Have you guys seen this? It's a curling iron cover bag - you pop your still hot curling iron in it and the bag insulates it so the curling iron can be packed and not burn whatever it is touching. I'm not usually one for buying a new bag that only has one purpose, but this little gal is genius! I tried her out twice this week and I have no idea how I've lived without it. Oh, and it works for flat-irons too. :)

* I was killing some time before meeting a friend for dinner on Tuesday night and I felt like something hot to drink. I wandered over the Coffee Bean (yes, I'm usually a Starbucks girl, but I was trying to branch out a bit) with the intention of trying the Gingerbread Latte (the monkey swears it's better than Starbucks version). When I got there, I just wasn't in the mood for coffee, so I opted instead for a Double Vanilla Tea Latte. Oh. My. God. How have I never tried one of these before? It was unbelievably delicious and much lighter than a coffee latte - perfect for a pre-dinner drink. I'm not trying to figure out how I can get another one of these this weekend....

* I met one of my BMs for dinner around 7:30pm. We finally had a break in the conversation and looked down and it was almost 10:30pm! On a work night! Granted, we've been known to close restaurants before, but still. We wrapped it up shortly thereafter, but it was great to catch up with her and just talk about everything.

* Last night Jim and I went to get our tree. The original plan was to get it Friday night, but since weather report has been claiming lots of rain this weekend starting late Thursday evening, I thought it best to get the tree early so we wouldn't be dragging home a soggy mess on Friday. Our original stop, Home Depot, had no 4-5' trees to speak of, so we headed down to a nursery down the street. There they had an abundance of smaller trees and after 5 minutes of looking around, we found The One. It's more expensive than Home Depot (obviously), but this is by far the nicest tree we've ever had and it's in fantastic shape (hardly any pine needles came out in the car during transport). It's at home all naked right now, but by tomorrow night, the apartment, including the tree, should be fully dressed for the holidays.

And I've been a total slacker about pictures recently, but lots are coming this weekend. Promise!


  1. I'm going to need to try this cup of goodness at CB! I, too, am a diehard starbucks fan...time to venture out of my bubble.

    and I'm sure your house smells lovely with the new tree. ;)

  2. So at the Sugar Plum Festival we saw a whole wall of these curling iron/flat iron/hair dryer bags and spent a good 5 minutes making fun of them.....we thought they were just for decoration. Who knew that actually had a purpose?

  3. That curling iron bag looks really cool!

  4. I hope some day you try CB's gingerbread latte, but you chose well nonetheless! Double Vanilla Tea Latte is da bomb! Pretty much all their tea lattes are delightful.

    And now I commence chanting:
    Pics of tree!
    Pics of tree!
    Pics of tree!

  5. I've always wanted a real tree! We have two fake ones at home though. [shrugs]

    Please post pictures of decorated tree stat :)

  6. So much to comment on...
    -I am a gym slacker too. Time to rededicate.
    -I can't shower at the gym-don't do the naked in front of strangers thing.
    -I have no use for a curling iron or bag, but sounds cool.
    -Yay for new drinks!
    -Love those kinds of dinners.
    -Looking forward to pics of your new tree. Wheee!

  7. I want to get a tree this weekend, but the rain may require us to wait a little longer. :(

  8. Looking up at blu's comment..

    What!?!? I was there and didn't see the bags...

    Hmmm... I think the bag would be a good stocking stuffer for a few people.. thanks for the heads up!

  9. Oh, that iron bag is a great find!!!