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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Weekend was awesome, so much to tell. And pictures to boot!

However, I'm absolutely swamped with planning our office holiday party and assisting my co-worker with planning the annual cookie exchange (which was yesterday) -- as in, the stuff is bleeding over into my evenings and I'm doing well to get 6ish hours of sleep a night. Blah.

It's all over with this afternoon. Tonight I'm having dinner (and a glass of wine I could swim in) with the hubs and tomorrow night is the laker game. And then, on Friday, I have day off and am catching up on my posts.

And now, back to holiday party planning madness....


  1. omg you took on the joby job of planning your work holiday party???
    lots of stress i bet.

    pictures please

  2. yikes! glad the crazy busy-ness will be over soon. i feel ya.

  3. yay for wine and days off!

    another laker game, eh? i'm jealousE!

  4. I'm curious to see how the holiday party comes out. ;) Please bring pics back with you! :)