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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I like my books to come on paper, TYVM

Have you guys seen this latest product from Amazon, Kindle: New Wireless Reading Device? I stumbled upon it last week while doing some online shopping and am not very excited about it. I know that we're living in a very techie age right now, but the thought of paper and ink books being moved to the electronic world makes me sad.

One of my greatest treats is to wander around and get lost in a bookstore, finding new books to add to my ever-growing "must read" list. There is something so soothing about browsing through books, taking in the jacket design, reading the inside or back cover synopsis, thumbing through the pages... it is something that for me, cannot be replaced by an electronic reading device.

I'm sure the device will be a godsend for travelers. Already airport bookstores understand that travelers don't want to be stuck lugging heavy books around after they've read them and so "Read and Return" programs are becoming commonplace. The next logical step, I guess, is to move books into the electronic sector allowing a traveler to simply purchase and download a book to a device that can store many books at once, much in the way the ipod and mp3 players revolutionized the way music can be stored and carried. But for general reading, nothing in my mind, can replace holding a real book in your hands.


  1. No paper cuts! :)

    I love technology. If I had to reference only books for work, I would have to kill myself.

  2. I like the concept behind it. I suck at buying books, although I do love to read, so this probably would do me no good anyway.

  3. i'm not all about books on tape or books on iPod. i just like regular old books. paperback, hardback, whatever.

    hell, i can't be read to without wanting to grab the book and read it my own damn self. ha!

  4. couldn't agree with you more;)

  5. I totally agree. Book freaks unite!

  6. Agreed. I <3 going to the bookstore and flipping through the pages (and resisting the urge to read the end of the book because I can't wait to get there).

  7. I love the smell of new books. As much as I love technology and gadgets, I don't think I'll buy this thing.

    However, when it comes to doing research I'm so glad that everything is now searchable electronically :)

  8. I agree with Winnie, I prefer the real deal. My sis owns her own bookstore, isn't crazy about this either.

  9. I wish I had more time to read books I love.

    But I've come to enjoy books on my ipod because I can drive and catch a chapter while driving home or stuck in traffic.

    I agree technology can't replace holding a book.. BUT technology can sometimes lead to convenience and = some pleasure to busy reading wanna be's like me.