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Monday, March 10, 2008

Ready to Run

I'm really making a concerted effort to tackle this running thing head on. Since I already workout regularly, I have a lot of clothing that will at least get me started, but I wanted to make sure I was set with good shoes and had a music set-up that would motivate me when I start dragging.

Last fall I went to get fitted for shoes at Road Runner Sports in Torrance on the recommendation of a few friends. While the guy that helped me was nice, I wasn't thoroughly impressed with the whole experience. I also wasn't really shopping for running shoes so much as just a good shoe for general fitness. I learned that I needed a neutral shoe with lots of cushioning. Fair enough. However, my biggest complaint was that they only stock one, maybe two shoes in narrow widths and even then, they didn't carry most of them in my size (10.5 narrow).

In an effort to try the whole shoe fitting thing again, I tried FrontRunners in Brentwood. I had heard great things about this place from my step instructor. While everyone was very nice, they had only ONE shoe that they stocked in a narrow width. ONE SHOE! ugh. Although, I did feel a bit better when I looked at the sale table and saw these little babies on it:
They actually had my size and I scooped 'em up! Which led Jim to remark "Good job honey. I'm sure you can just run in those. They'll be perfect." Hmph.

I've now decided that while not the most popular places for buying running shoes, New Balance South Bay and Zappos are really my best bets. I've had the best customer service at that particular NB store and Zappos shipping and return policies are my besties. I have a pair of shoes that I've run in a few times and they are comfortable and offer quite a bit of support, so I ordered another pair in the new spring color so when my blue ones give out, I have replacement shoes ready to go!

After hearing great reviews about the Nike+ system, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I remembered Jim and I had each been given the 1G ipod nanos as wedding gifts (engraved and all), but we had never used them since we already had ipods. Well, seeing as how the Nike+ only works with nano model, this was a perfect opportunity to give mine a whirl. And after using an Apple giftcard to purchase the Nike+ sport kit, my financial outlay was basically zip. Yay! I'm still need to get it all set up and finish putting my playlists together, but that should be done in the next few days.

The only downside to using the old 1G nano is that the armband that accomodates the Nike+ sensor has received pretty tepid reviews. I've heard that the new armbands for the 3G are fairly good, but no such luck for the older models. Ah well. I think I may get one anyways and see how it works. I'm just bummed that I don't have a lot of options. :(

Once I start running outside regularly, I'd also like to snap up some athletic sunglasses and a mesh hat or visor. But I think I can wait a bit on these fun accessories.

And I'm really thankful that my recent injury was a bicep strain and not something affecting my lower body. Even though I need to lay off the weights for a bit, at least my running schedule doesn't have to be altered. :)

Bring it on!


  1. [snickering at those fuzzy slippers]

    Look at you! You're totally good to go!

  2. whee! i need to stock up on the clothes, unfortunately/fortunately.

    your shoes are cute. mine are boring but oh so perfect for my feet so far.

  3. If you ever want to do in-person shopping, there is also a New Balance store in Pasadena, as well as A Snail's Pace.

    Then you can pick up Dots cupcakes afterward. Hee.

  4. I just want you to know I'm sending you positive running energy!!!

    And I just got a pair of NB's yesterday too!

  5. I'll be cheering you on in spirits :)

  6. i want a nano, but the kid said "mom. get a grip. you don't even use the iPod you HAVE."


    love the cheery spring-y NBs!

  7. woohoo on the new shoes. They are too perfect for you.

  8. Wow look at you! I love this spark I see! Those are some sweetass running shoes, I am a big fan. Re the nano, I always just held mine and it never bothered me. If not, I stuck it in my sports bra - classy, no? Also, don't bother with getting pricey sunglasses for running, at the running stores they usually carry decent lightweight ones for less than $20 after tax. Run strong!

  9. Oooo I love those shoes. New balance are fabulous shoes so you should be ok.. Just make sure you have plenty of room in the toe cage and room for when your feet swell after running. You might not need a narrow considering your feet WILL swell when you run.

    Just a thought?

    I cracked up at Jim's response to the fuzzy slippers.


  10. How perfect for you is it that the new shoes are pink? Perfect indeed. :)