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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

Why is it that the weekends always fly by far too quickly? Ah well. All in all my weekend was pretty great. Jim took Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday evening off from work and we hung out -- always fun! And since I'm still loving bullet points, here goes:

* Jim and I actually had lunch together! Amazing. We only work about a mile from each other, but his schedule is so crazy, I can count on one hand how many times we've seen each other for lunch. He picked me up, we dropped his car off to be washed at his building and then headed off to get big deli sandwiches and chips. So great!
* After work, we headed down to the ILs house to hang out for a bit and check to see how his mom was doing after surgery. She looks good, but really tired. Jim couldn't stop saying how sad he was for her :( The first doctor she saw said she'd be in a cast for 6 months, the second doctor (who did the surgery) said 6 weeks, so she is thinking that 3 months is probably more likely. Poor thing!
* For dinner, we met up with our Peru travel companions, MoP and T-dogg, for some peruvian food and to discuss the trip a bit more. We all tried ceviche for the first time (spicy but tasty), enjoyed our saltados (lomo and camarones) and T-dogg attempted to make Pisco Sours for us. They are pretty strong (almost like a bourbon margarita) and we think a somewhat acquired taste. However, we're all on board though for giving them another try once we get to Peru.

* Since Jim wasn't working, I ditched the gym and we headed to John O'Groats for some grub. The wait was suprisingly short and the food -- huevos rancheros for both of us -- tasty as always.
* Next stop, REI to try and purchase the last of our travel supplies. Notable purchases include headlamps (I snagged the last pink one!), rain jackets, sunscreen with deet and permethrin to make our clothes insect repellent. [Can I just say that reading the back of the permetrin bottle is a little scary?! That stuff appears to be crazy toxic. Yikes! Although, if it'll help us not get eaten alive by mosquitos while we're in the jungle, I guess I'm game...]
* Finding shoes for Jim for this trip is proving a bit difficult. After finally convincing him to get his foot measured, it confirmed what I have suspected for awhile now -- he has a wide foot. Add to the mix that we're looking for a lightweight trail shoe with gore-tex (that comes in a wide width) and things get even more complicated. Between the two of us, shopping for shoes is just hellacious. He thinks he found a pair that will sort of work, but we're still looking for other options. Good times.
* Lunch was In N Out. Need I say more? :)
* We had to make a quick stop at his office to pick up some notes he needed for the next day. Downtown was buzzing with all the folks there for the marathon. It was actually pretty cool to see downtown so active and vibrant. Kinda sad that it's not that way all the time.
* Dinner was a simple salad since we were still stuffed from lunch. While munching away, we caught up on another episode of Lost. So good this season!

* I was up bright and early to meet up with some LA and OC ladies to support of a group of the OC nesties (Diane, Andrea, Cat, Kim, Jess and Aline) that were running the LA Marathon.
* After gathering everyone at Union Station, we made our way over to Phillipe's for some french dipped sandwiches and assorted side dishes. I seriously never get tired of this place!
* Once we all had full bellies, it was time to make our way to the 26 mile marker to wait for our 6 ladies to run by. Thanks to WeeMo, we were in a prime spot to see them round to the corner and start the last 0.2 miles. They all ran by like champs and we were so very proud of all of them! Better recaps with pictures have been written by WeeMo, Kate and Wan.
* I finally got home around 5pm and what did I find? Why, my very sweet husband cleaning the entire apartment, top to bottom. I was shocked and so happy. I usually take care of all the household chores because of his work schedule, but every so often, he'll get in a cleaning mood and go crazy. He is such a keeper!
* After the apartment was sparkling, we capped off the evening with dinner at Loteria. I had the usual nachos with shredded beef while Jim tried the tacos (roast pork, shredded beef and stewed chicken). Everything we've tried here is just fantastic and that night was no exception. If you haven't tried this place, it's a must the next time you're at the Farmer's Market.

Yeah, I guess we squeezed quite a bit into our little weekend. :)


  1. sounds like a packed and fabulous weekend! i love loteria, too.

  2. Any weekend that ends with Loteria is a good weekend.

  3. Your husband cleaned the apartment? Is he looking for a new best friend? Cause I'll volunteer my husband....

  4. that was some good eatin' you did there ;) it was fun hanging out with you on sunday!

    when i get home and the hub is cleaning, i know i'm in trouble. he's a far better housekeeper than i am.

  5. - Wow, your husband is definitely a keeper!
    - I'm craving for In N Out . . . sad.
    - The deet stuff did nothing for us in Costa Rica. In fact, we had 4 bottles with various amt of deet (from 0% to 99%) with us. Doesn't mean you shouldn't at least give it a try though :) Good luck!
    - Yay for time together for you and Jim!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend! You must be getting excited for Peru!

  7. Looks like you were busy enough for both of us! :)

  8. I'm glad you got actually spend some quality time with Jim this weekend. And I'm glad I got to spend some fun time with you too. :)

    Thanks again for your help with the bags!! :)