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Thursday, March 6, 2008


It's been sort of a boring week. Which, quite frankly, I've loved. Although it doesn't provide a whole lot of blog fodder. So, instead, how 'bout some random thoughts and comments! And yup, I'm still stuck on bullet points! :D

* I started watching Eli Stone when it debuted a few weeks ago and I still really enjoy it. Yeah, it's not a 'real' lawyer show and it has it's cheesy moments, but I find it quite charming. So sue me.

* I had a weights session at the gym last night with my trainer. It was much harder than normal and I'm still really feeling it today. One happy note: It's only taken me 2 years, but I'm thisclose to being able to get to 90 degrees doing real push-ups! He hasn't let me do "girl" push-ups for weeks now, saying that I'm strong enough to do real ones and what do you know, I guess he's right. It's a stupid little thing, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself this morning.

* I lost my darn mind this week and signed up with an amazing group of girls in OC and LA to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in the fall. Nothing is set in stone yet, as it's a lottery system on who will be allowed to run, but I'm excited about it nonetheless. I'm by no means a runnner, but what better way to prove to myself that yes, in fact, I can run, than with a group of other similarly motivated women. I'm stoked!

* As if the above isn't crazy enough, I'm also working with another blogger friend, Alyssa, to get signed up to do the 3 day breast cancer walk in November. I'm equally excited about this as I've wanted to participate in this event since college and just now have everything together enough to actually join in the fun. Again, so stoked!

* Monday afternoon I picked up my husband's 30th birthday present! There is a long story behind it, but I don't want to share details quite yet. I promise one heck of a blog entry about it next week though. I honestly can't figure out who is more excited about the gift, me or him. :)

* It's almost Friday! Thank God!


  1. i can't even do girl pushups all the way down. :P

  2. I can't stomach Eli Stone, even if he is Angelina Jolie's cute ex-husband from Hackers and Trainspotting.

    I really tried just because of that. I need him with his real accent.

    And no Ally McBeal-ish type nonsense with the fantasy sequences.

    But you could've guessed this without my telling you so. ;)

  3. teach me how to do real pushups. i am such a girl :(

    p.s. i lost MY mind and signed up for a MUD RUN next month. on a team. that has to finish at the same time. all the girls on my team are half my size.


  4. i suck at all calisthenic-type exercises :X

    it is TOO set in stone. we're running a half whether it's san francisco or disneyland!

    and you're so excited, you gave "runner" an extra "n"!

  5. Congrats on the pushups!!! I played lacrosse for 8 years and still can't do a real one, so I understand the huge accomplishment here. And thanks for all the comment love :)

  6. I was just telling the hubs last night how much I'm enjoying Eli Stone. I started watching because I'll watch anything Victor Garber is in, but I'm a sucker for musicals.....

  7. I wanted to watch Eli Stone but didn't get to it. Oh well.

    The push ups are a big deal. I'm still a weakling. ;)

  8. I just can't stand Eli Stone. Nor can I do even a girl push-up. I'm weak. Yay for your running goals!

  9. I can't even do any pushups. I'm glad i'm not alone in losing my dam mind.

  10. So.. when do we find out what you got Jim?