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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tidbit update

So, all that pride that I had earlier in the week about almost being able to do a real push-up? Yeah, about that....

My right arm might have been very sore on Thursday and even more so on Friday. And I might have woken up Saturday to a swollen lower arm and elbow. And possibly after a quick trip to urgent care I might have been told I have a lower bicep strain :/

Yeah, not so sure how happy I am about those push-ups now.


  1. Oh no! Hope your arm heals soon.

  2. oh no! hope you feel better soon.

  3. This is with a trainer? I thought the whole purpose of a trainer was to make sure your form was good so you didn't hurt yourself!

  4. i'm glad it turned out not to be anything worse. yay!

  5. =( Is it any solace to you that I can't do 1 push up to save my life?

    Feel better soon doll!

  6. eeeek!! !

    i am seriously shocked i haven't hurt myself in my bootcamp class.

    feel better!

  7. What the??? I hope it's better now. Damned push ups.