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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I swung by the grocery store this morning to pick up something semi-healthy for lunch and as I was standing in line to pay, I saw this:

Really? REALLY?

All we have heard for the past several months is how Angelina has been grieving the loss of her mother and this had led to severe weight loss. Now, I firmly believe that this really isn't any of our business in the first place, but it is what it is I guess. And now all of the sudden b/c she has gained some weight and appears to look a little healthier, she must be pregnant? Are you kidding me? How about maybe she is finally dealing with her grief, is getting her life back in order and oh, I don't know, felt like a cheeseburger... or three!

I am so over all the magazines following celebrities and their weight with almost hourly updates.

"Oh, there she is, eating frozen yogurt. She must be gearing up for a binge!"

"Look, she threw away her ice-blended before she finished it. Is she starving herself again?!?"

Enough already! I get that celebrities put themselves out there in the limelight, but this obsession with their weight and appearance has got to stop. And we wonder why our young women are so body-obsessed and that the rate of eating disorders just keeps climbing.

Ugh. Something has got to give.


  1. I am laughing at "Really? REALLY?"

  2. Let me join you in the chorus of BOOOOOS!

  3. REALLY!!!

    Seriously LOL!

    I love that she must be pregnant because she now weighs what, 110 lbs (with the weight gain)?

  4. I hate her, she's so pretty. Although she was lookimg quite skeletal for a while.

  5. Fuckin' stupid magazine headlines. Seriously, the chick was looking like the kids she visits and feeds in 3rd world countries. She could gain 40 lbs and still look great. Lay off already magazine peeps!

  6. like the monkey, i can SO see/hear you saying it. ;)

  7. Agreed! I'm obsessed with tabloids, but HATE the stories about people eating and getting fat, etc...