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Thursday, October 4, 2007

hey motivation, where did you go?

I've been back in the real world now for almost 3 weeks and I'm still having trouble motivating to get back to my schedule of eating right and exercising most days of the week. I figured this might be a problem before we left for vacation, but I felt good when we got back and was ready to jump back into things. Or so I thought. Ever since, I've been stuggling. I've worked out some, I've sort of been eating healthy, but really it's been half-baked attempts at both. I gained a few lbs. on vacation and while I haven't gained anymore, I also have lost those extra souvenirs I brought home with me either. And I'm starting to get bummed about it.

I know that I just need to do it and stop making excuses, but for some reason this is a real challenge right now. I was feeling really good about the strides I was making before we left and now I just feel schlumpy (is that even a word?). Okay, vent over. Hopefully I'll have a more uplifting update next week.

On a brighter note, last night I was working out with my trainer and instead of just doing weights, he added in a set of shuttle runs. Now, I've never played sports so that term sort of went over my head, but a good definition can be found here. I am usually reluctant to want to do cardio stuff with my trainer b/c the idea of paying someone to watch me run just seems silly. At least with the weights we are always doing something new that I haven't seen before and would likely not be doing on my own. However, these shuttle runs were *gasp* actually fun! Those of you who have played sports and had to do these are probably thinking "sure, they're fun for a few sets... try doing them for an entire practice and then talk to me". Which, I'm sure you're right. But, it was nice way to shake-up our session last night.


  1. "Schlumpy" is totally a word...just like "spooktastic."

  2.'s like running lines. yuck. but i know what you mean about shaking the routine up a little.

    i've been feeling schlumpy for about 3 months now. :)

  3. I've been in a schlump for the past few months - heh. It's all good honey, join the club!

    And where are your Hawaii pics? I've been out of blogland as of late, but I don't see any!!

  4. SP ism't the same without your regular participatiom, I miss seeimg you om there. I umderstamd what you're goimg through though, plateaus suck. Take the weekemd to veg amd pig out, amd tell yourself that you're startimg over om Momday. My traimimg officially starts Momday too, so we cam do it TOGETHER!! My mew motto - "GET HOT!!"

  5. Hey I need you for motivation to keep me from being a schlump myself!!!

    We can't all be schlumps!

    I need you back and active on spark also!!

  6. i get the "schlumpy", dude. i won't get to hit the gym for six weeks - which normally would be a fabulous thing, but i stepped on the scale last night and...


  7. Ugh...I totally relate! Feeling schlumpy is the absolute worst every!! Hang in there and hit the gym when you'll feel better soon!