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Monday, October 1, 2007

Shopping and cooking and cleaning, oh my!

Yup, that pretty much sums up my weekend.


  • After work I hit up Target for a new shower curtain and bathmat (it was time to replace them) and Best Buy for a USB memory card reader and the Grey's Anatomy vol. 3 sountrack. I highly recommend picking it up -- lots of really great tunes including previously unreleased tracks from John Legend (Sun Comes Up) and Matt Kearney (Breathe In Breathe Out) and a song written especially for the season finale from Ingrid Michaelson (Keep Breathing).
  • Later that night the hubs and I had "date night" at Costco. When I told my co-workers about this, many of them let me know that they often do this with their significant others too. Nice to know we're in good company. We stocked up on wine, chicken, cereal, chips, a few new books, season 6 of Gilmore Girls (for me), eye drops (for him) and a fresh baked pizza for dinner. Can't beat 9.95 for a pizza the size of a small country.
  • Saturday I swung by the new AG Jeans store in Beverly Hills and picked up 2 new pairs of jeans. Woohoo! The salesgirl was really nice and very helpful, even bringing me a bottle of water when I started having a coughing fit in the dressing room. After a stop at Denim Doctors this week to nip in the waist, they will be perfect! Thank you Oprah for bringing my attention to the Club fit --- my backside will be forever grateful.
  • That afternoon I went to the grocery store and stocked up for the week. Yay! No lines are so very nice.


  • Saturday night I made an Applesauce Spice Cake (recipe from Real Simple) which made the whole apartment smell like fall. Although, I guess anything that starts off with a stick of melted butter and a cup of sugar is going to smell pretty darn yummy.
  • For dinner, hubs requested my salmon and asparagus in parchment. Again, recipe is from Real Simple (found here) and looks/tastes much fancier than it actually is. Add a side of white rice and some wine and voila! Dinner is served.
  • Last night I tried a new chicken recipe for dinner from Cooking Light (my other favorite place for new recipes). Chicken and Asparagus in White Wine Sauce with chive mashed potatoes. Yeah, this one is a keeper! Even though it's from Cooking Light, the amount of butter used probably makes it less than healthly, but eh, still better than getting takeout.


  • Went through my closet and loaded up another 2 bags for Goodwill.
  • Replaced the bathmat and shower curtain in the bathroom and gave the rest of the room a quick cleaning.
  • Dropped off a bag of dry cleaning and did 4 loads of laundry at home. And now we have clean things to wear this week.
  • Cleaned and reorganized the kitchen. It looks all pretty and shiny again.
  • Reorganized and dusted my half of the office. The hubs side is his responsibility. hehehe

See, not a terribly exciting weekend, but very productive! And now only 4 days til my long weekend -- no work on Friday or next Monday makes me a very happy little worker bee this week :)


  1. so productive. you are such a great wifey. me, not so much.

    i <3 the salmon & asparagus realsimple recipe, except i'm ghetto and do it in foil b/c i'm too lazy to go buy parchment paper.

  2. D and I sometimes go to Target on date night too! dahahahahaha....

    oh that salmon in parchment sounds yummy. It's easy clean up.

  3. Wow, super productive! The Costco date night is the best!

  4. If you weren't such a sweet person, I'd totally hate you for being such a great wife ;-)

  5. How are we friends? 1) Date night at costco? lol. 2) I can see that you're a very neat person and, well, you know that I'm...not. Tee hee.

  6. Damn. You were a busy lady! :)

  7. What is this Club fit situation? My back side wants to be happy also.

  8. aha! i no longer have to hit you up for recipes, i guess. i'll just bookmark this post!