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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

home sick

Started having that icky feeling in the back of my throat Sunday night and by yesterday morning I felt seriously yucky. Thankfully Monday was a holiday for me so I just laid around on the couch and dozed/watched tv/caught up on my blog reading. Sadly, I'm not feeling much better today, so I'm having a repeat performance --- though it's definitely not a holiday today, it's a full-fledged sick day. Booo!


  1. Boo! Feel better!!! Hope you have some good shows to catch up on at least :)

  2. Eat some soup and go to bed. Feel better!

    That's not really a command so much as a well wish shouted your way. ;)

  3. Feel better! There's nothing worse than being sick!

  4. Oh what a pooper - sorry to hear you're mot feelimg well. Get better soom!