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Monday, August 20, 2007

Another weekend gone

On Thursday I realized that I had absolutely no plans whatsoever. This is something that only happens to me about every 6 months or so, so I was stoked! A whole weekend to do whatever I wanted with no prior commitments to get in the way. Here is what a lazy, "fly by the seat of your pants" weekend looks like:


After work I swung by Beverly Hills to run some errands and pick up a box of Frittelli's doughnuts. In addition, I had to get some invite supplies for my co-worker's daughter's birthday party from Paper Source and I ran through Banana Republic to pick up a few tank tops for our upcoming vacation. While at Banana Republic, I spotted an adorable pair of glen plaid wool pants in black and white with a hint of pink in them. I tried them on and they fit perfectly! So those came home with me too. Oops!

That night, Jim picked me up after work and we ran out to Costco to stock up on some essentials (paper towels, wine, plastic cutlery for the office, snacks, etc etc), we grabbed a pizza for dinner and called it a night.


We woke up and tried the doughnuts I had picked up the night before. I had the lemon glazed doughnut, he had a raspberry glazed doughnut and we split a vanilla latte cake doughnut. I really really wanted to love them, but they were just okay. Maybe it had to do with them being a day old, but I wasn't impressed. I'll probably give them another shot, but I was sad they didn't knock my socks off.

After a stop at the gym for step class and a long chat with my very pregnant step teacher, I headed to Century City mall to look for a new strapless bra. Now, I'm not the most well endowed girl, which is fine, but the selection of strapless bras for small-chested gals at Bloomingdales was dismal at best. I have previously had luck with the Wacoal petites line (ironic because at 5'6" with long legs for my height, I'm anything but petite... guess my chest is though. hmph!) and I did manage to find a few hanging in the back corner, but they were all one cup size smaller than what I normally wear. On a lark, I decided to try one on. Um, yeah, it fit. Like it fit really well. That is just great. I guess the few pounds I've lost have all come off my chest. Someone mentioned to me that since the area is mostly adipose tissue, if you're losing body fat, your chest is going to get smaller. Well that's great and all, but last time I checked, my backside was mostly adipose tissue too, but I'm not noticing a huge decrease in size back there! Anywho, I guess I should be glad I found one because what I thought was a dismal selection at Bloomies looked like a gold mine in comparison to what I found at several other large department stores. Good times.

That night I made lamb for the hubs (thank you trader joes!) with mashed potatoes from scratch and roasted asparagus. Between the dinner, a bottle of red and old episodes of Nip/Tuck (best trashy show ever btw) it was a very mellow evening.


Yesterday was the ultimate lazy day. Got up late, had breakfast, lounged around on the couch watching re-runs of One Tree Hill (yes, I love that show. what?) and tried not to melt in our apartment. In the late afternoon I finally ventured out to pick up a baby shower gift for a friend, a birthday gift for another co-worker's daughter (more on the baby gifts in an upcoming post) and groceries for the week. I had planned on doing laundry, but I just never worked up enough motivation to get it done. Oh well.

Last night I tried a new salmon recipe for dinner -- pan-seared salmon with a savory sour cream and dill sauce and shaved cucumber with dill -- and it was pretty good. Made my lunch for Monday, laid out my clothes for work and called it a night.

Sadly, my husband didn't figure much into this weekend as he worked from home the entire time. As in, didn't step foot out of the apartment from late Friday night until this morning when he went to work. It was really sad.


Upside --- only 13 days til we leave for Hawaii! woohoo!


  1. Best items at Fritelli's are the old-fashioned donuts (which, usually, I don't even like) and the apple fritter. They will turn you into Homer Simpson (you will say, "Mmm...donuts.").

  2. YEY for hawaii.. I totally dig those pants....

  3. Sounds like some amazing shopping!! The pants are super cute! And wow -- less than two weeks until your exciting!!

  4. you're addition to books, we share many of the same interests...donuts (LOVE them), pink (obviously), Banana Republic (sales, mostly), Paper Source...sadly though, you are definitely a better wife that makes dinner for her hubby that works a lot. thanks again for checking out my blog!!

  5. Oh, have you read Undomestic Goddess? It's hysterical! I loved it and it's a quick read!

  6. Undomestic Goddess is flippin' hilarious! Love that book.

    I, too, am filled with feelings of wifely inadequacy as I read this blog, for I am not the breadwinner, nor do I make fancy delicious dinners. I basically only contribute my youth and good looks to our marriage, and those will fade rapidly with time.

  7. You didn't hav ANY plans?! That is a rare but fun occassion. Awesome score on the pants and sad about the donuts. Also sad about Jim working so much. Boo!

  8. So, what time should I stop by the next time you make dinner?

  9. look at you, betty crocker! nice job on those dinners. it ALMOST inspires me to do the same. too bad we've already packed up the kitchen [snapping fingers]