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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Night #2 sans husband

Last night was the second night in a row with the hubs staying at the office til the wee hours of the morning. He is getting just slammed right now at work and while this has happened before, I feel particularly bad for him this time. It all started this weekend --- he worked from home both days, but it was serious work. He literally didn't leave the apartment either day and was up late both nights working away. Monday was much of the same with him staying late, coming home for a quick late dinner and then continuing to work for several hours. Tuesday night was an all-nighter (I think he got home around 5am) and last night he stayed until maybe 2 or 3ish this morning. My normally chipper and happy husband just sounds beat down and depressed. This is the same guy that even after pulling a series of all-nighters in law school and being stressed beyond belief, would still perk up when I called and not let on how stressed out he really was.

This time is different. I can almost hear the stressed out expression on his face when I call to check in at night, but the worst part is there isn't anything I can do to improve the situation. So instead I worry about him and pray that things let up a little in the next week and a half or so. I've already resigned myself to the fact that he is going to have to bring his blackberry with us to the beach on our vacation and he going to have to do some document editing a couple of nights too, but I hope that the whole trip isn't consumed with him having to work. The reason for this vacation was that he needed to get away and have a bit of a break. If the mobile office is going to be a constant on the trip though, it sort of defeats the purpose.

Tonight we are going to a fantasy football draft dinner (more on that tomorrow), which should actually be a lot of fun. And there will no doubt be an abundance of good beer and yummy food so that should help a little. I just hope he is able to get some sleep tonight so he doesn't totally crash and burn over the next few days. :(


  1. oh, no. poor J :( i'm glad he has a fabulously supportive wife to stand by him - and i'm sure he is, too.

    hope tonight brings a smile to his face!

  2. That seriously blows. I hope he's going to be able to actually enjoy your vacation. Boo to crazy work!

  3. Awwww, work sucks :( I hope his schedule gets a little better so he can enjoy the getaway.

  4. Damn the law!

    I hope that all this stuf clears up ASAP and that he gets a chance to enjoy your fabulous vacation.

  5. Oh, your poor hubs! Gosh, my husband used to work incredibly long hours as well and was always stressed - working late at the office or working late at home, either way, the work never seemed to let up. All I could do was just love him and help him with anything possible. Buying healthy snacks (because who knows what he would or wouldn't eat at work), kisses and quick text messages. He wasn't even able to take my calls for a while. I hope despite having to do some work on your vacay, he can relax and recover and you two can catch up and spend some quality time together. I used to tell myself, “at least he’s not lazy and sitting on the couch with a beer doing nothing…” Thankfully, he went to consulting, so his hours are more regular (at the moment).

  6. Sorry to hear this. Sucks. On the bright side, you are still going on vacation, even if it is accompanied by a laptop and BlackBerry.

    We've had to cancel trips before.


  7. You know when it's all over with it's you he'll be eternally greatful and happy to be vacationing with... blackberry or not.


  8. Dude, I am really sorry. Hope J is feeling better and that things have lightened up a bit...