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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my ipod: a history

Name: ipod mini
Color: pink
Capacity: 4GB
Condition: slightly beat-up, but still kickin'

My ipod is not the newest model on the block, but I will have this little gal til she finally bites the big one (hopefully not anytime soon). Why, you ask? Ah, that is a good question, but requires a look way back to 2004....

After my husband finished law school in '04 he moved back to LA to clerk for a year. We got engaged the summer before he started clerking, so by the time September rolled around, we (well, really me, but whatevs) were knee-deep in wedding planning and pinching our pennies for all the upcoming festivities over the next year. On top of that, I chose not to move in with him for the year we were engaged (too long of a story for this post), but instead made frequent trips back and forth between our two apartments: mine in Redondo and his in Beverly Hills.

We knew before he started his clerkship that he was going to be working for an amazing judge, but one that demanded a lot of time. "A lot" wound up being 7 days a week, 10-14 hours a day for the entire year. Yup, you read that right. I think I can count on 2 hands how many completely free days he had that year. Granted, it was all worth it in the end, but it was grueling while he was going through it.

To help alleviate some of the strain, I started to play "good wife" before we had made it official and fell into a habit of sending him to the office with breakfast, lunch and dinner all prepped and ready to pop in the microwave whenever he finally got a spare second to eat. Since I couldn't help him do the work, at least I could make sure he was properly fed. I mean really though, that was about the extent of the help I could provide.

Skip ahead to Valentine's Day. We promised not to spend much on each other because of the upcoming honeymoon and other wedding expenses. No problem. I got him I think a new coffee mug and a DVD or something and called it a day. That night, we did take out from Cheesecake Factory for dinner and he swung by to pick me so I could go with him to get the food. I get in the car and start chatting away. He then says that maybe I should look under the blanket on the floor. And there is a small little box with a pink ipod mini inside.

What? Why? We said we weren't going to get anything big for each other! And there is a silly little coffee mug and some stupid DVD back at the apartment for him ... and that is it. Ack!

He tells me to just wait a second and explains that he really wanted to let me know how much he appreciated the fact that I was sending him with food everyday, keeping his apartment somewhat organized and basically being so understanding of the crazy schedule he was keeping. And just wanted to say thank you for everything. Hence, the adorable little pink ipod that was now sitting in my lap. Best. Gift. Ever. (okay, maybe the e-ring was better, but just barely)

Since that night, my little pink ipod has been with me everywhere. It accompanies me to the office, on flights, to the gym, in the car... you name it, and my ipod is there. I love it not just because it is an ipod---because let's be honest, they are just inherently cute---but because of what my specific ipod means to me and the reason for which I came to own it. So even though I think all the newer, smaller and more colorful models are cute and sassy, I don't have any plans to upgrade mine. Instead, I'm just hoping my little gal holds on for at least a few more years.


  1. Best reason to keep a hold on your little pink friend. How freakin' sweet of your husband. Seriously, you've got a good one with that guy. And you were an awesome girlfriend/wife-to-be taking care of him like that!

  2. That's such a sweet story :) I'm getting all warm and fuzzy just reading it.

  3. awww! i have the same one, and E gave it to me for my birthday - the last one i had before he proposed :) he even got it engraved with my name, and the only sucky part is that it was my old name. ha!

  4. Such a cute story! Glad she's still alive and kickin'! ;)

  5. awwww, such a cute story. I love stories like these. Sometimes guys are just as cheesy as us.

    Please include a recent photo of your beat-up gal.

  6. That is the cutest story! Those are the best kinds of gifts, indeed, and the cutest color of course! ;)

  7. Aw, that is SO sweet! I love your pink ipod, too! You are both obviously a perfect match :)