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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Music to my ears

I have recently realized that if it wasn't for my TV addiction, I'd rarely have new music to download from itunes. As my husband has pointed out more than once, I'm a total sucker for a montage---you know, when they show a bunch of different scenes from several plotlines and set it all to a background song. Well, I can't get enough of them! Some of my favorite shows, such as Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy, are notorious for them. And while some may argue these programs are not the most high-brow television out there (my husband, for one -- I think he'd rather gouge out his eyeballs than sit through an episode of any of the above listed shows), they are suprising in that they tend to use really good music! Combine that with SYTYCD, which also uses some really great stuff, and I seem to have a never-ending list of new songs I need to download.

Some of the songs that I'm particularly digging right now are:

Switchfoot - Dare You to Move
Elisa - Dancing
Ryan Adams - Two, Everybody Knows
Paolo Nutini - Million Faces, Last Request
Travis - Closer
Robin Thicke - Lost Without U, Can You Believe
Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms, Within You
James Morrison - This Boy

Work it out:
Eve - Tambourine
Ciara - Get Up
JT - Love Stoned
Timbaland - The Way I Are
Christina Aguilera - Candyman
Ne-Yo - Because of You
Sean Paul - (When You Gonna) Give It All To Me


  1. Ooooh, Ray LaMontagne is AWESOME! I've seen him live a couple of times. Ah-maze-ing!

  2. I may have to check some of these out.

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you on the music montages. It's only too bad that I never watch TV. Shit. Well thank god for your list!

    [running to iTunes]

  4. I <3 Ryan Adams! Will have to check some of your other faves out...

  5. i'm a sucker for montages, too :)

  6. nice list. i need some new music.

    i <3 switchfoot's older stuff, dare you to move included. it was my best buddy during all nighters during my last year of college. :)

  7. I'm beginning to think we were separated at birth too...Love all that music! Especially Switchfoot and JT!