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Monday, August 6, 2007

Birthday Dinner -- Take 1

Thursday night was my father-in-law's official birthday and with mine being just 3 days later, we are now in the habit of doing a joint birthday dinner celebration with my husband's family. Jim and I along with his 2 brothers made the trek down to the south bay for a wonderful home-cooked meal by my mother-in-law, lots of yummy dessert and presents. Fun!

Fresh grilled salmon was on the menu accompanied with mac n cheese, salad, sweet corn on the cob and bread. Mmmmm! After stuffing ourselves on an abundance of food, out came not 1, but 2 cakes --- one for me and one for my father-in-law. We blew out our candles and then proceeded to cut into the yummy cakes; lemon chiffon and red velvet. Have I mentioned how much I love cake?

Midway through dessert out came the presents. My father-in-law got a new pair of shorts from the boys, a white polo (by request) from us and a new laptop from his wife. He was beyond excited, but the requests for techy help from the boys started immediately. :-)

As my brother-in-laws pointed out, I am usually the recipient of "domestic" type gifts, which sounds bad, but I love getting stuff for our home especially if it is stuff for the kitchen or entertaining. My in-laws got me a dark wood 3-tier stand and from the boys I received a box of baking goodies (2 cupcake holders, brownie mix, 3 cans of sprinkles cupcake mix and a spatula). Guess who is going to be baking this week? :-)

We stayed way too late, especially in light of having to wake up early the next morning for work, but it was a really fun night and great to catch up with everyone while having a big family dinner!


  1. what a fun dinner! yummy food, cake AND presents - doesn't get much better than that :) happy birthday to FIL!